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Project to create landscape and reduce fight traffic jams on My Phuoc - Tan Van - Consensus for development

Update: 12-08-2020 | 15:25:13

The project of creating landscape, combating traffic jams (O&M) on the My Phuoc - Tan Van route will contribute to solving traffic congestion, creating a favorable investment environment to attract investment to Binh Duong, creating dynamic force for the province's socio-economic development. At the same time, the installation of toll stations will generate revenue to ensure spending on road maintenance and maintenance and investment in congestion control items such as flyovers, underground tunnels.

Implement O&M project to solve traffic jams, effectively exploit the My Phuoc - Tan Van route

Promote  investment attraction

The Provincial People's Council has just approved the investment policy of the project to create landscapes, fight traffic congestion (O&M project) on the roads of My Phuoc - Tan Van, DT746, DT747B, DT743. The project is invested by Becamex IDC Corporation, total estimated investment is 9,623 billion VND. In which the expected cost of building toll stations is 48 billion VND, road surface repair is 613 billion VND, ground clearance is 1,238 billion VND ... The project is invested in the form of public private partnership (PPP), type of contract business - management (O&M).

Mr. Phu Huu Minh, Deputy Director of the Department of Planning and Investment, said: “The project to create landscapes and combat traffic congestion on the My Phuoc - Tan Van route is in line with regional transportation development planning. key economic in the South to 2020, orientation to 2030 and master plan of transportation of Binh Duong province to 2020, orientation to 2030 of the Provincial People's Committee. The scale and preliminary design plan of the project has been agreed by the Department of Transport. The items in the project do not overlap with the items of the project "Improving public transport infrastructure in Binh Duong". Mr. Minh added that the investment in fighting traffic jams on the road helps to relieve traffic pressure and ensure safety for people living in the area. In addition, it contributes to facilitate circulation of goods, creating a clear investment environment.

On the My Phuoc - Tan Van route, the project will be implemented from Km0 + 000 - Km62 + 430 and the claw section connecting to DT743A road. Accordingly, there will be 6 overpasses on the main route including the 163m long National Highway 1A overpass; the overpass of Highway 13 is 300.68m long; the overpass to the ICD TBS - Tan Van area is 143m long; bridges on Pham Ngoc Thach street; DT741 overpass; overpass at intersection XE1 My Phuoc Industrial Park is 282.75m long. 6 underground tunnels on the main route including the intersection with Tao Luc road at Km19 + 143, the intersection of Vo Van Kiet road at Km25 + 300, NE2 road - My Phuoc industrial park at Km33 + 840, NA3 road - My Phuoc industrial park at Km36 +660, N4 road at Km51 + 630, a roundabout at Km53 + 120; cross-road tunnels include 15 tunnels; 28 pedestrian overpass; 7-way residential gathering road.

Mr. Dam Trong Cuong, Chairman of Binh Duong Transport Association, said: “On the My Phuoc - Tan Van route, at the 5 An Phu intersection, the DT743 intersection is currently a" hot "point for traffic congestion. Binh Duong is a province with many industrial parks, with high demand for goods transportation. The implementation of the O&M project will meet practical requirements in reducing traffic congestion, contributing to safety. At the same time, the project will reduce the time of transporting goods, increase transportation, increase income for businesses, promote socio-economic development ”.

Generate revenue  for maintenance

Mr. Phu Huu Minh said: “Every year, the expenses for the maintenance and care of trees and lighting to maintain the exploitation of this road in the best condition are very great. These expenses are covered by Becamex IDC Corporation. The provincial budget allocated for road maintenance is limited. With the current and forecasted traffic volume in the future, the traffic congestion at the intersections on the My Phuoc - Tan Van route is very high, requiring investment costs to solve congestion. traffic, traffic jams in some sections. Therefore, generating revenue to ensure expenses for road maintenance and maintenance and investment in items such as flyovers, underpasses, pedestrian overpasses, collection roads, and landscape creation for the whole route is necessary".

Investing in the form of public-private partnerships has special significance in both removing difficulties for the State budget in terms of investment capital for infrastructure and also restricting foreign loans. With the PPP mechanism, the State will reduce the burden of searching, arranging and allocating investment capital from the budget for infrastructure. The participation in the PPP mechanism will have a risk division between state agencies and investors, save investment costs, and improve public management capacity. In particular, the State will not have to do the daily management but focus on planning and overseeing the management; take advantage of the investor's management ability. With the toll booth on My Phuoc - Tan Van street, according to the representative of the investor of Becamex IDC project, the revenues will be spent on the costs of maintenance, repair, overhaul and tree care.

Mr. Nguyen Van Minh, a container truck driver, transporting goods from My Phuoc 3 Industrial Park to Cat Lai Port, Ho Chi Minh City, said: “Our driver's wing is very supportive of the collection of car tolls through the station of An Phu when he booked a station here. It is expensive, but the route is not congested, which will help us transport the goods more conveniently and quickly. The trip increase not only ensures orders for businesses in production and export activities, but also helps me increase my income and create a stable life”

Reported by Phuong Le – Translated by Vi Bao

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