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Results of PAR index 2019 contribute to the socio-economic development process

Update: 28-07-2020 | 10:46:41

On July 23, Provincial People's Committee held a conference to announce the results of PAR Index 2019 of departments, agencies, People's Committees of districts, towns and cities, People's Committees of communes, wards and towns in the province. The results were comprehensively across all sectors, and have contributed significantly to the overall socio-economic development of the province.

Commune-level officials process people's records through IT software. In photo: OSS officials in Vinh Phu Ward People's Committee (Thuan An City) process dossiers by a copy software.

The average score is higher than 2018

Based on the agreed contents, on June 12, Department of Home Affairs held a meeting of the PAR Index's Evaluation Council. Accordingly, the council members discussed and agreed to approve the results of PAR Index 2019 of departments, agencies and branches; People's Committees of districts, towns and cities and People's Committees of communes, wards and towns in the province. At the same time, Department of Home Affairs also actively developed summary reports on PAR index of the whole province and detailed analysis of each level, helping Chairman of Provincial People's Committee and Chairman of PAR Index's Evaluation Council to have firm grounds for approving and publishing PAR Index results.

According to Provincial PAR Index Evaluation Council, the PAR Index 2019 results of departments, branches, agencies show that the average score reached 75.54%, which is a good level and 4% higher than in 2018. It can be seen that the PAR Index 2019 of departments and branches focused on 2 groups of point: The first group achieving excellent PAR Index results (over 80%) has 8 units. The second group achieving good PAR Index results (below 80%), consists of 10 units. The PAR index 2019 results also show that there were 12 units gaining and improving their positions on the rankings, of which the most impressive was the provincial State Inspectorate, up 9.49 points, and Department of Construction, up 7.03 points.

In 2019, the average PAR index of districts, towns and cities reached 84.04%, an increase of 5.06% compared to 2018. This is a result that demonstrates relatively accurate and is true to the situation of districts, towns and cities. Overall, the PAR Index 2019 results of districts, towns and cities also show a number of things, including: Among the top 3 of district-level PAR Index 2019 group, Tan Uyen Town is a new strong rise. At the commune level, the average PAR Index reached 86.97%, an increase of 4.11% compared to 2018. 23 localities achieved excellent points (from 90% and above), 60 localities achieved good points (from 80% to less than 90%), 8 localities achieved fair points (from 65% to less than 80%).

To enhance the application of information technology

Ly Van Dep, Deputy Director of Department of Home Affairs, acknowledged that the PAR results were comprehensive in all fields, and have contributed significantly to the overall socio-economic development of the province in 2019. The assessment of administrative procedure reform based on PAR Index has concerned and been implemented by departments, branches, governments in the province, becoming useful tools in the direction and administration of administrative procedure reform. In addition, Department of Home Affairs counseled Provincial People's Committee to implement and determine PAR Index from 2014 to the present, regularly improved and renewed contents and methods of determining the annual PAR Index, so that the PAR Index is completed, meets the requirements of objective, honest and realistic assessment of PAR at agencies, units and localities in the province.

2019 is the first year when the province piloted the application of information technology in grading and evaluation by software. This helped the evaluation process to be convenient, fast, scientific, and saved the cost of printing and verifying documents; saved time, avoided document loss and ensured transparency, clarity and accuracy in the rating process. Departments, committees, branches, People's Committees in the province seriously carried out the self-assessment, grading and timely updating results. The Evaluation Council then assessed, reviewed, and scored objectively and accurately through tools installed on the software. The assessment and rating was carried out promptly and seriously with the participation of relevant departments and agencies.

Ly Van Dep said, the PAR Index 2019 results demonstrated quite accurately the PAR implementation in departments, branches, and localities in the province.  The implementation and achieved results of key contents and six administrative reform tasks at the request of the Government and Provincial People's Committee. The 2019 PAR Index results are comprehensive, multi-dimensional, a combination of internal assessment of state administrative agencies and objective assessments from outside people and organizations; combines annual evaluation of PAR results with impact assessment of administrative reform on satisfaction of people, organizations, and socio-economic development targets.

In the coming time, Department of Home Affairs will collaborate with agencies, units and localities to review and evaluate specifically the strengths and shortcomings of administrative reform at the units. Then the units and localities will have grounds for appropriate solutions and measures to accelerate the reform in the coming time. The Department will continue advising Provincial People's Committee to direct and urge agencies and units to effectively use the PAR Index to give timely instructions in accordance with their actual situation.

“The Department will continue to research, improve and perfect the set of criteria and evaluation methods in order for PAR Index to be more objective, honest, multi-dimensional, close to the actual situation. Besides, it is necessary to study and enhance the application of information technology, perfect PAR management scoring software to make the determination of PRC Index more quickly, creating a basis to build the database of PAR index”, said Mr. Dep.

Reported by Ho Van - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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