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Returning to Thuan An Hoa old war zone

Update: 03-08-2020 | 11:33:29

The days of July have just passed, but the candles of gratitude for the sacrifices of the generations of his father for the cause of national liberation continue to light in the hearts of the generations to come. Recently, Thuan An City has inaugurated and put into operation an extension of Thuan An Hoa historical-cultural relics area. This not only adds value to the relic, but also affirms Thuan An Hoa War Zone is forever the pride of Thuan An City in particular and of Binh Duong Province in general.

Provincial and Thuan An leaders cut the ribbon to inaugurate the extension area of ​​Thuan An Hoa War Zone relics

Historical war zone

Thuan An Hoa War Zone is a compound name of 3 localities of Thuan Giao, An Phu and Binh Hoa of old Lai Thieu district. The war zone was formed in 1946 and is a peri-urban base at the northern gateway of Saigon. Along with the war zones in the province, during the years of resistance against France and the United States, Thuan An Hoa War Zone contributed to the victory of the historic spring of 1975, the liberation of the South and the reunification of the country.

With an important military strategic position, Thuan An Hoa is the base, directly serving revolutionary units operating within the enemy. This is also a place to gather and transfer our combat forces. Therefore, the enemy always sought ways to sweep down to destroy this revolutionary base. During the resistance war against the French colonialists, Thuan An Hoa was like a thorn in the eyes of the invading enemies and henchmen. In addition to the 3 strategic rounds, the road to the war zone is also arranged by our forces, automatic pit systems, nail holes, mines in dangerous places and constantly changing positions.

With the layout of the battlefield's strong defensive system, they could not uproot the thorn in this eye even though they tried everything. As a result, our forces are always preserved and unaffected. Thuan An Hoa is one of the bases for our main force to attack key positions in the South, contributing to the North's  Dien Bien Phu victory should shocked the planet in 1954.

By the time of the anti-American resistance war, the enemy also tried to erase the forest so that the revolutionary forces in Thuan An Hoa war zone had no hiding place. They regularly pour rain of bombs, bullets and storms on Thuan An Hoa war zone. Although the forest is no longer available, thanks to people's hearts, Thuan An Hoa is still the base of cadres, party members and guerrillas in secret bunkers. Thanks to the protection and nurture of the local people, all the intrigues and tricks of the enemy did not shake the will and the courageous fighting spirit of our people. Under the correct leadership of the Party, the brave intellect of the revolutionary forces and the "popular battle" here, Thuan An's army in particular and Binh Duong in general have contributed together with the whole country to make a great victory in the spring of 1975, liberating the South and reuniting the country.

Increase the value of the monuments

Many years ago, the relic area has been invested in construction, with items, such as memorial temples, monument clusters, traditional rooms, steles ... In order to further improve the value of monuments, Contributing to the education of historical, cultural and revolutionary traditions for the young generation today and tomorrow, Thuan An City continues to invest in expanding the relics.

At the end of July, Thuan An City organized the inauguration and put into operation the expansion of Thuan An Hoa historical - cultural relic area. According to Mr. Nguyen Xuan Khoi, Director of the City Construction Investment Project Management Board, the project has a total investment of more than 24 billion dong and covers an area of ​​4.4 hectares. After nearly 2 years of construction, at the end of May 2020, the project was completed and put into operation to serve the visiting demands of people of all strata.

The expanded project recreated the heroic and heroic landscapes, activities and battles of the old Thuan An Hoa War Base, including many items. In addition to the reception area (which is the place for receiving guests, documentary films about Thuan An Hoa War Zone), the expansion area also reconstructed the base station in Binh Hoa commune; bases of Binh Thuan hamlet, Thuan Giao commune; An Phu commune base (Co Mi forest); secret bunker - military station; traffic trench; tunnel; Tailstock fighting; sunken blockhouse.

Living scenes in the old war zone were also vividly reconstructed. In particular, when coming to this expansion area, people also learn about and remind about a historical period through groups of statues arranged in areas in the relic, such as: a picture of a mother feeding food to officials and soldiers in a secret tunnel; the statue group created a scene of a group practicing martial arts, fighting with a stick and a stick; idol group created a cultural event at that time; the idol group at the base of An Phu commune reconstructed the meeting to unify the construction site of Thuan An Hoa War Base; groups of objects at the base of Thuan Giao commune created living scenes at the base of Sub-branch Office 1; the statue group at the base of Binh Hoa commune recreated an exchange of experience of the Binh Hoa women's militia platoon protecting the base, protect the people of production while actively fighting against the enemy sweeping and raiding; group of statues in the secret vault; statues in the operating room and postoperative cellar.

Thuan An Hoa historical-cultural relic site is a revolutionary base with a very important military strategic position in the two wars against foreign invaders. This is one of the proud historical vestige of Binh Duong Party Committee and People's Army in general and of Thuan An City in particular. In 2012, Thuan An Hoa War Zone was recognized as a provincial-level historical and cultural monument. Every year, this place is often chosen to organize important events of the city as well as localities in the area, organize military ceremonies and activities on the meaning source.

Reported by Cam Ly – Translated by Vi Bao

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