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Revisiting the Palace of Phuoc Thanh province Governor

Update: 10-03-2020 | 10:25:32

Palace of Phuoc Thanh province's Governor is now Traditional House of Phu Giao district, where many political, economic - tourist, cultural - artistic activities of Phu Giao district are hosted. This is also one of the interesting destinations when you visit this place.

A corner of Phu Giao district center today

Phu Giao district is about 50km north of Thu Dau Mot City. This is a large, wavy plateau, from 60 to 70 meters above sea level, with a relatively dense system of rivers and streams, and the large Be River flowing through the territory of Phu Giao District. On the way to the Governor's Palace, tourists may also visit and take photos with Be River broken bridge relic. This broken bridge crosses Be River, connects Phuoc Hoa and Vinh Hoa communes of Phu Giao district. The bridge is a demonstration of the heroic history of Song Be - Binh Duong people. This is one of the famous monuments that young people often come to take photos with friends and family.

Back to Phuoc Thanh Governor's Palace, according to a docent here, this palace was built under Decree 143 on 22 Oct 1954 of Ngo Dinh Diem. As newly established, Phuoc Thanh province had 3 districts: Tan Uyen, Phu Giao and Hieu Liem. The administrative center of the former Phuoc Thanh province was located in Phuoc Vinh town, Phu Giao district, and the provincial governor's palace was the headquarter of Phuoc Thanh provincial capital. Phuoc Thanh was in fact a military base of Vietnam Republic regime, very large, the main defense line to protect the north Saigon, as a springboard to attack War Zone D and suppress the developing revolutionary movement.

In 1961, after Phuoc Thanh victory at night of 17 Sep, Phuoc Thanh province was wiped off the administrative map of Saigon puppet government. After the liberation of the South and reunification of the country, this place belonged to Phuoc Vinh commune of Tan Uyen district. Phuoc Thanh victory was the terror of the puppet government at that time. This historic battle created a new situation that was mentioned by many American generals when talking about the Vietnam War. The US Pentagon secret document also confirms: The biggest offensive that made Saigon ran helter-skelter was the battle to occupy Phuoc Thanh, a province about 55 km from Saigon.  The Phuoc Thanh victory was actually a whistle that signaled the bankruptcy of the US imperialism's special war strategy applied in Vietnam from 1960 to 1965.

By the end of 1999 and early 2000, Phu Giao district was established on the separation of Tan Uyen district into 2 districts of Phu Giao and Tan Uyen. In 2001 to 2004, Phuoc Thanh Governor's Palace was renovated to be administrative office of the district and was a testament to the war with many important events of great political significance. In order to effectively communicate and educate about the history of the home district. Under the direction of the District Party Committee, District People's Committee, Culture and Information Office of Phu Giao District renovated, built a traditional house and put into operation in 2005.

According to Nguyen Van Long, Permanent Deputy Secretary of Phu Giao District Party Committee, leaders of Phu Giao District are always interested in cultural life, building cultural institutions as well as preserving and restoring cultural - historical monuments at all levels to serve the people. Cultural and sports activities are carried out synchronously from districts, towns to communes. Cultural-sports, community learning centers in localities served quite well for recreational need, health training as well as for event organization of the local people. Historical sites, cultural centers, sports centers, children's houses, etc. are places to hold large annual cultural and artistic activities as well as local festivals that are supported by the people.

New rural construction in Phu Giao has met and exceeded many targets, people's lives are increasingly changing and more affluent. Traces of a war zone are no longer exist, but now is an immense green of trees. Phuoc Thanh victory is also the crystallization of traditional strength, and an important contribution to enrich the revolutionary history of our nation. Phuoc Thanh victory is always the pride of army and people of Binh Duong in particular and the country in general.

Reported by Quynh Nhu - Translated by Ngoc Huynh


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