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Rural traffic routes of changes

Update: 15-09-2020 | 11:03:16

It is delightful and encouraging for those who treading on clear, green, and beautiful rural roads resulted from the unity of Fatherland Front Committee, unions and the public.

The rural routes at Bach Dang commune in Tan Uyen town are beautified by flowers and lights

Contribution to new rural construction

The Tan Dinh 7 Road at Hamlet 1, Tan Dinh 24 Road and Tan Dinh 51 Road at Ba Da Hamlet in Tan Dinh commune of Bac Tan Uyen district showed us the beauty of today’s new rural land. Implementing the movements of new rural construction, the Standing Committee of Tan Dinh commune Fatherland Front Committee coordinated with the public to build concrete roads, install lights and plant flowers and trees. The funding was assisted by the State and contributed by the public. Local people along the roads have also set 23 trash cans along the roads by their own funding.

Vu Thi Kim Phuong, Chairwoman of Tan Dinh commune Fatherland Front Committee said: “Our working units have initiated the planting of green trees at public places and along the rural roads with promotion of trash processing. The creation of clear, green and beautiful roads is for environmental scenery, easy transportation for economic development, making up the habits of environmental sanity, security order, and quality criteria of a new rural area.”

The construction of rural roads at Tru Van Tho commune in Bau Bang district was also prominent and effective as 700 trees were planted along those roads. Local hamlet forces usually clean up the sites while the public donate to install 465 lighting bulbs on 40 local roads to facilitate easy traffic. Besides, over 400 households and enterprises have joined up the construction of 11 concrete roads of over 8 kilometers long.

To light up the rural roads

From the example of Tru Van Tho commune, the movement of lighting up new rural areas emerged from the movement of constructing new rural roads. In the past, evening traffic of local people was extremely dangerous, especially for those having to get out to rubber plantation for tapping. Besides, traffic accidents and thefts were common. As the ‘lighting up the rural areas’ movement was set, local people were so delightful as roads have been lightened up, making it easier and safer for night trips and reduction of thefts and traffic accidents. The movement was good and matched the wish of local people who enthusiastically supported it. Up to date, local people and enterprises have helped to install lighting system on 364 roads.

Rural roads across villages and alleys are getting brighter, cleaner, and more eye-catching. In Tan Uyen town, over 80% of rural roads are asphalted, concrete and installed with lights. Local fatherland front committees and unions have carried out various models of flower cultivation along roads and within safe and beautiful residential areas. Roads across Group 2 of Tan Luong quarter at Thanh Phuoc ward, for example, were constructed with concrete and lighting system through the alleys to eliminate dirt roads. Tran Thi Hai, a local resident of Group 2, Tan Luong quarter, said: “All residents love the clear, clean, and lighted roads. We deem that those movements are rightful to bring about benefits to our lives.”

In Ben Cat town, on implementing the model of ‘lighting up rural roads’, fatherland front committees of communes and wards have mobilized local people to install 450 lighting bulbs on over 62 roads. Nguyen Trong Quoc, Deputy Chairman of Ben Cat town Fatherland Front Committee, said: “As the roads are lighted up, local people attend safe and convenient traffic and enjoy stable security and order in a process of improving quality live hood of local residents. We also organize the environment protection campaigns to clean up the sites, repair roads, and clear up rural roads. At Thoi Hoa ward, for instant, 293 households along 7 roads were mobilized to plant flowers and clean up the sites. As a result, we have clean and beautiful roads.”

Upholding the motto of lighting up all the roads, Dau Tieng district Fatherland Front Committee and its grassroots have implemented the model of ‘rural security light’. The mobilization and education have earned the donation of local people to purchase light bulbs and wires and pay monthly electric bills. Averagely, each household contributed VND 50,000 to VND 100,000 a month for initial purchases and maintenance of the model.

Through the models, local security and order have been ensured, making it peaceful for local people to get out on the roads at night, limiting traffic accidents. Up to date, in Dau Tieng district, over 85% of households have followed the model. Concurrently, ‘flowery roads’ movement has been flourished across hamlets in the district. By coordination with fatherland front committees and local people, flowers have been planted along the roads.

The construction of flowery roads has been helped by the public in terms of planting, caring and maintaining to create eye-catching roads.

Reported by K. Tuyen – Translated by Vi Bao

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