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Students group of Thu Dau Mot University win second prize of the national startup competition

Update: 13-01-2021 | 21:26:04

On January 8, at the 2021 Startup Festival, the organizers held awarding ceremony to excellent startup projects. Among 6 outstanding projects that won the award, the project "C-Nato Stroke Support Gummies" of Thu Dau Mot University excellently won second prize. The project was developed by a group of students Vu Diep Hoang Thuong, Vuong Ngoc Ai, Nguyen Phan Hoang Han, Le Ngoc Nhan and Huynh Phuong.

C-Nato stroke-assisted marshmallows are produced in chrysanthemum shape, has a natural color and delicious taste, the filling of is active substance Enzyme Nattokinase (an active substance that has been proven in international scientific articles on the ability to help prevent strokes) and petals from Clitoria ternatea extracts. C-Nato marshmallows enhance the ability to absorb active substance of stroke prevention into the body, when sucking and chewing this candy, the stroke prevention active substance will be absorbed into the mucosal tract under tongue, and down at intestine will be absorbed through the intestinal mucosa. These two absorption lines will help strengthen the ability to dissolve thrombosis leading to a higher likelihood of stroke prevention.

The National Startup Contest 2020 started in January 2020 with 600 registered projects. After the preliminary round, the judges selected the top 20 and top 6 for final round held online on December 26th 2020.

Reported by Anh Sang - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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