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Studying, following Uncle Ho to penetrate into social life

Update: 15-09-2020 | 11:03:16

Each Party organization, agency and unit in Binh Duong province has shown its dynamism, creativity, choice and determination to effectively implement Directive 05-CT/TW of the Politburo. With new methods, good, practical and effective methods, agencies and units in the province have gradually introduced the learning and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and lifestyle to social life, contributing to the successful implementation of political tasks; is the foundation that creates momentum for the completion of the goals of Party building, the Government, Fatherland Front and mass organizations, and building more and more thriving, beautiful and civilized Binh Duong.

Provincial leaders commend collectives having excellent accomplishments on occasion of reviewing the 3-year implementation of Directive 05-CT/TW.

To strengthen leadership and direction

Immediately after the Politburo's Directive 05-CT / TW dated May 15, 2016 on "Promoting the learning and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and lifestyle" was issued, Provincial Party Committee organized conferences to learn, implement the directive for civil servants, party members and people; and concretized the directive at the same time by launching programs, plans, and directed the implementation. Based on characteristics of the province and the annual themes, Provincial Party Standing Committee developed a plan to implement Directive 05 in accordance with the instructions of the Central and combined with the implementation of local political tasks; at the same time, directed all levels and branches to implement a number of key tasks associated with the implementation of the 12th Party Resolution, 4th Central Party Resolution, and the 10th Provincial Party Resolution. The main model “To stay near the people, close to the people, work hard, wholeheartedly, fairly” has been expanded. Thereby, all levels of Party Committee directed grassroots committees, agencies, departments, branches, Fatherland Front and mass organizations to base on characteristics and conditions of each locality and unit and build a common model for localities and units.

Provincial Party Standing Committee required creative and practical combination with the theme 2020 "Strengthening the whole-people's solidarity, building the Party and political system in a clean, strong manner according to Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality, and lifestyle”, with the implementation of Central Resolution 4 on building and adjusting the Party, and implementing political tasks of localities and units, contributing to the successful implementation of development goals and tasks of the whole tenure 2015-2020 and successfully organizing the Party Congress at all levels 2020-2025, proceeding to the 13th National Party Congress; reform, improve the effectiveness of propaganda, discover and praise good examples among civil servants, party members and people in studying and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality, and lifestyle, strengthen the whole-people's solidarity, building a clean and strong Party and political system.

Party committees and authorities at all levels selected shortcomings related to the theme 2020 to develop a plan "Following Uncle" to resolve completely and must be associated with the implementation of Central Resolution 4, regulated the "The exemplary role of civil servants, party members, especially leaders, managers and heads of all levels". Each party member, according to the assigned functions and tasks and based on the thematic content, must make self-criticism to choose some specific contents and make commitment to the "Follow Uncle" in order to cultivate, train and set out directions, solutions to overcome their limitations and shortcomings in their work, in daily activities, in working style and in leadership style; then at the end of the year must report the implementation results to the Party.

In addition, Provincial Party Standing Committee asked all Party levels to discuss, develop plans for learning and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and lifestyle in strengthening the whole-people's solidarity, clean, strong Party and political system building; pay attention to continuity, inheritance from previous solutions.

Hence, all Party levels set up learning plans for each year in accordance with thematic content and practical situation of localities and units. Heads of committees, agencies, units directed and prepared related topics for learning and discussion at internal meetings. After learning, party members, union members actively disseminated thematic contents widely among the people, encouraged the masses to actively participate in monitoring the implementation of civil servants and party members.

State management agencies and units implemented the 2020 theme in their periodical activities in combination with Directive No. 27 / CT-TTg dated September 8, 2016 of The Prime Minister on enhancing the studying and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and lifestyle; combined with the implementation of Central Resolutions on reform, organizing the apparatus of a streamlined, effective and efficient political system, Conclusion No. 114-KL / TW dated July 14, 2015 of the Secretariat on "Improving the effectiveness of mass mobilization of State agencies at all levels"...

To expand exemplary models

The whole political system in the province has gradually improved the effectiveness of the detection, fostering, propaganda and expansion of good examples in all fields. Many heads of party committee, bodies, unions, exemplary civil servants and party members took the lead in studying and following Uncle Ho, exhibited friendly, devoted working behaviors, were appreciated by the people.

On annual birthday anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh (May 19), Provincial Party Committee and subordinate Party Committees hold preliminary meetings to assess the implementation of Directive 05-CT/TW and commend and reward exemplary collectives and individuals in studying and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and lifestyle. This work receives much attention from all Party levels. The commendation is given to the right people, right job, right circumstances and in a timely manner, contributing to creating more motivation, spreading of the learning, following Uncle Ho among the Party and society.

It can be affirmed that the studying and following Uncle Ho in the province has spread throughout the society. There are more and more excellent collectives and individuals with many good ways of doing, new models that contribute to building social ethics, stimulating continuous socio-economic development, stable national defense and security, building clean, strong Party organizations, Government and unions, is an important internal force to build a thriving, beautiful, civilized and sustainable Binh Duong.

Reported by Thu Thao - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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