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Tan Uyen Town approves the 1/500 detailed master plan of Dai Khanh Binh and Quang Phuc residential area

Update: 20-09-2019 | 11:54:54

Tan Uyen Town Planning Evaluation Council approved the1/500 detailed master plan of Dai Khanh Binh residential area in Khanh Binh ward and Quang Phuc residential area in Vinh Tan commune.

At the meeting, a representative of Phu Gia Hoa Construction Designing and Consulting Company said, Dai Khanh Binh residential area project had a total area of ​​28,134m2. The company invested in functional areas such as residential areas, greeneries, technical infrastructure, transportation, water supply and drainage. Quang Phuc residential area has a total area of ​​29,037.5m2, adjacent to Cai stream, stone roads, residential land, population size of 572 people, the number of houses is 143 units.

Concluding at the meeting, Doan Hong Tuoi, Deputy Secretary of Tan Uyen Town Party Committee, Chairman of the town People's Committee, Chairman of Planning Evaluation Council, asked the investor to record opinions of departments, branches, and town leaders to revise and complete the planning scheme in accordance with regulations. Investors need to ensure that the current conditions and standards such as traffic, electricity, water supply, drainage, sanitation, fire protection, wastewater treatment... would comply with construction standards to create urban beauty.

Reported by Hoang Anh – Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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