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Tan Uyen Town promotes socialization in education

Update: 22-10-2019 | 11:09:26

In order to promote socialization in the field of education, Tan Uyen town has directed the relevant agencies and units to coordinate closely to perform well the assigned tasks, prepare for good organization. conference, ensure proper regulations, thoughtful, economical, effective, creating favorable conditions for investors to access the guidelines and policies of the State.

Nguyen Thi Kim Nguyen, Vice Chairwoman of the People's Committee of Tan Uyen Town, said that it is expected that in November 2019, the town will hold a conference calling for socialization of investment in education and training. Guests are organizations, individuals, and investors who have been and are planning to invest in education and training in Tan Uyen town, such as: non-public preschools, young groups. , an independent kindergarten capable of developing into a school, investors of a number of secondary schools - primary schools, computer - foreign language centers and other investors. At the conference, participants will be introduced more about the advantages, potentials, policies and investment opportunities in the field of education and training in the town, with more information on forecasting the situation. development, list of types of socialization, criteria, scale, quality standards, incentive policies to implement socialization investment, socialization investment implementation sequence.

The target of the town is to set up after the conference to increase the number of investment in building kindergartens, primary schools, junior high schools, high schools and other types of non-public schools in the town, ensuring that In 2016-2020, 48 new groups of children and 25 non-public preschools were established (from 2016 to now, 38 new groups of children and 4 non-public preschools have been established).

Reported by Tieu My – Translated by Vi Bao

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