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Tan Uyen Town to announce the organization, personnel - propagation - inspection, supervision and discipline of the Party

Update: 14-02-2020 | 11:26:46

On 6 Feb, Tan Uyen Town Party Committee held a meeting to announce tasks of organization, personnel - propagation- inspection, supervision and discipline of the Party in 2020.

In the last year, all levels of Party committee from town to grassroots level led and directed the building and implementation of plans and tasks set out for the Party construction, organization, propagation, inspection, supervision and discipline enforcement in accordance with the requirements of political tasks, local conditions and actual situation.

In 2020, Tan Uyen Party Committee continues to strictly perform the staffing; organize and restructure the town political system to  be effective and efficient; fulfill the development targets of Party organizations and party members in private enterprises; organize and implement the Central Resolution 4 of the 12th term, the Politburo's Directive 05, regularly grasp public opinions; continue to innovate methods, improve the quality and effectiveness of the inspection and supervision work of Party committees and organizations. Focus on preparing contents to successfully convene the Town Party Congress, 12th term, tenure 2020-2025; guiding the organization of grassroots congresses, especially key congresses.

On this occasion, the Town People's Committee rewarded 9 collectives and 13 individuals with outstanding achievements in propagation and inspection in 2019.

Reported by H.Nhung - M.Sang - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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