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Tan Uyen Town to zone planning, call for investment

Update: 12-09-2020 | 10:34:16

With outstanding economic potential, the construction and development of Tan Uyen Town towards urban service, industrial production, and to become inter-regional transport hub has received much attention in the new phase.

The growth of Tan Uyen urban area is one of the favorable conditions to stimulate trade and services.

 Planning for many new urban areas

Due to advantages of geographical location and economic potential, plus inter-regional connected infrastructure of the province, Tan Uyen is considered as an area having large development potential, becoming an inter-regional center of goods circulation.

In the current economic structure of Tan Uyen, industrial proportion accounts for 66.77%, trade and services 31.74%, agriculture 1.49%. The value of industrial production increases 12% on average each year, the total retail sales of goods and services increase 19.9%. Doan Hong Tuoi, Chairman of Tan Uyen Town People's Committee, affirmed that the town was determined to develop various types of trade and services. In particular, the town will develop industrial support services, services associated with urban areas, such as finance, banking, commercial centers, supermarkets, residential areas, transportation, logistics, entertainment... In order to develop urban areas in a sustainable direction that is also suitable to the local tourism development advantages, the town will attract investment in new urban areas, new residential areas with modern infrastructure, beautiful scenery, good living environment.

With a long-term vision, Tan Uyen Town's leaders make an effort to call for investment in commerce and services in 6 new urban development areas with a mixed multi-function. The first area has total area of 331.58 ha in wards of Vinh Tan, Thanh Phuoc, Khanh Binh. This is a new, multi-functional urban area that comprises urban housing, commercial, culture, education and entertainment services. The second urban area has total area of 87.2 ha (Thai Hoa ward). Usable land is planned for mixed multi-function purpose: Urban housing, public areas, commercial services, mainly develop port services, logistics services. Area 3 has total area of 331.58 ha in Vinh Tan ward, is also a new mixed and multifunctional urban area, including urban housing, commercial services, public areas, and entertainment, security services, and create landscapes along Cai stream with low-density ecological housing models. Area 4 has total area of 163.16 ha in Tan Hiep ward, a new mixed and multifunctional urban area, including urban housing, regional trade and services, mainly developing integrated multi-functional areas along major traffic axes. Area 5 with total area of 371.71 ha (Vinh Tan ward) is a new urban area, a mixture of urban housing, commercial services, public areas serving VSIP 2. Area 6 with total area of 111.48 ha (Hoi Nghia ward) is also a new urban area, a mixture of urban housing, public, commercial services, mainly developing industrial support services.

Mr. Tuoi said that in order to realize this program, the town will mobilize and use effectively internal and external resources, and create all good conditions for mobilizing funds and capital from outside, especially investment in form of public private partnerships.

To create all favorable conditions

Phan Van Cu, Deputy General Director of Binh Duong Construction - Consulting - Investment Joint Stock Company (Biconsi), said that Biconsi invested in many projects in Tan Uyen Town. During the development process, Tan Uyen Town has attracted many industrial projects, created many jobs for laborers, and stimulated rapid urban development. Investment in residential and commercial areas in Tan Uyen creates value for businesses and contributes to changing the face of the town. The company has been assisted by local authorities in carrying out projects on schedule. However, at present, a difficulty to investors is that regulations on legal procedures are overlapping, affecting the progress of investment projects. Mr. Phan expressed his wish to have more connections with and favorable conditions from authorities at all levels to commitment to Tan Uyen Town.

Regarding advantages and disadvantages of investment process in Tan Uyen Town, Mr. Doan emphasized, important achievements of the town were the efforts of all governmental levels, and of the business community and investors. Tan Uyen Town's leadership determines to solve difficulties enterprises. “We want businesses and investors making investment in the town to boldly give opinions directly to the town People's Committee so that we are able to understand, assist, and solve their problems. Investors, who are learning about us and want to invest in commerce and service, please exchange information about type, resources and scale of the investment; items of the projects as well as their needs for support", said Mr. Doan.

 Reported by Tieu My - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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