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The models of administrative reforms

Update: 10-09-2020 | 16:42:15

For the time, localities from communes to higher administration in the province have considered administrative procedure reforms as the locomotion of development; thereon, various measures have been implemented to gain the high reforming indexes as recently announced.

A Phu Loi Ward’s officer is guiding and resolving administrative procedures required by a citizen

Training professional officers

Any citizen getting to the document reception and return of Vinh Phu Ward in Thuan An City shall be offered good guidance and fast resolution of any documents and procedures. The one-stop-shop section of Vinh Phu Ward People’s Committee has been constructed in a modern way meeting the standards and conditions for people to access easily for administrative procedures or paper work. Concurrently, Vinh Phu Ward People’s Committee has successfully implemented the construction of friendly authority and offices to enable great changes of administrative procedure reforms and benefiting socio-economic development process. The construction of officer models who are devoted and professional in terms of paper work under the manner of helping the public and upholding the ideology, ethics and style of President Ho Chi Minh. By non-stop efforts, Vinh Phu Ward was ranked at the top of communes gaining administrative reforming indexes in 2019.

Officers of Lai Thieu Ward People’s Committee are remarkably professional users of IT to service the one-stop-shop section. The whole ward had digitized the documents accessible by all computers enabling the transition to digital paper work which is considered modern and convenient for citizens acquiring the administrative procedures. The process has been very encouraging to local officers who are on refinement process to better service paper work of the public. Aside from IT investment, local Party Committee and People’s Committee are paying attention to train up the officers who are devoted and professional to satisfy the public. Moreover, feedbacks from the public on satisfaction of the paper work that they have acquired at the one-stop-shop section of the ward have been the good basis for correction and better services.

Not missing returning time

At localities of Vinh Phu Ward, Lai Thieu Ward, and Binh Hoa Ward in Thuan An City are those localities of constructing devoted and professional officers while officers at Phu Hoa Ward, Phu Loi Ward, and Phu My Ward of Thu Dau Mot City are making self-adaptation to better service the public. Nguyen Thi Hong Yen, Deputy Chairwoman of Phu My Ward People’s Committee informed that IT investment has been in good care of by local People’s Committee. Thus, the one-stop-shop section of the ward has been able to precessed documents for the public before the schedule at about 10% of total documents being processed in a year.

Simplification of document components and reduction of time for processing administrative procedures are what Phu Loi Ward People’s Committee is practicing. For instance, the administrative procedures of transferring land-use purpose regulated to be fulfilled within 3 days as per Decision No. 335/QD-UBND dated February 5, 2013 is resolved within a day at Phu Loi Ward People’s Committee. The documents under resolution competence of the ward People’s Committee are punctual at all time. The practice is vital for the ward People’s Committee to maintain its administrative procedure reforming indexes and be on the top of localities in the province. Tran Thi Hoa from Phu Loi Ward said in delight: “On getting here to do paper work, I am guided by local officers and the documents are processed by the motto of ‘no waiting on Fridays’. I am so thankful to the one-stop-shop officers.”

The ward authorities of Thu Dau Mot City have implemented good office models to resolve procedures and make the public trust them. Those models have won the public trust while local officers have experienced great transformation of thoughts and attitude to receive the public and resolve administrative procedures for them.

Nguyen Anh Vu, Chairman of Phu Loi Ward People’s Committee informed that they have mobilized all their system to contribute to administrative procedure reforms. Aside from assisting IT equipment, they have launched the model of ‘friendly authority and office’ through the banners showing working motto and styles in the direction of helping the public. They have issued regulations of the offices along with the implementation of action motto in mass mobilization.

For the time, to well meet the requirements for modernizing of administration, people’s committees of wards and towns have promoted IT application into their operations to gradually transform their paper work office into digital one, making it faster and more convenient to process the documents and procedures. In the meantime, the model of ‘friendly authority and office’ model is effectively implemented. At Chanh Nghia Ward People’s Committee and Phu Tho Ward People’s Committee, telephone numbers of leaders and organization in contact with the public are posted publicly in a necessary supply of telephone numbers for feedback and talk with the public. Thereby, the servicing attitude is improved.

Ly Van Dep, Deputy Director of Home Affairs, asserted that so as to strongly reform administration, the roles of agencies and units and more specifically the officers of the State’s administrative system are vital because any administrative reforms may become ineffective or even invalid due to negligence, irresponsibility or the habit of getting personal benefits of the State’s officers. “They resolve administrative procedures every day and meet various questions from the public and enterprises; therefore, they must know what is reasonable to follow. If they propose the reforms, such proposal would be true and reasonable. I believe that each officer can contribute by promoting themselves in the cause of constructing a transparent and effective administration of the province,” said Dep.

Reported by Ho Van – Translated by Vi Bao

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