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The province to drastically and synchronously implement epidemic prevention control measures

Update: 30-03-2020 | 16:22:48

On March 25, Provincial Party Standing Committee chaired an online meeting to evaluate provincial socio-economic situation, social order and security in the pandemic period. Attending the online meeting were Tran Van Nam, Member of Party Central Committee, Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Head of Provincial National Assembly delegation; Nguyen Hoang Thao, Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Provincial People's Committee; and leaders of provincial departments and branches. The conference is broadcast online to 9 districts, towns and cities in the province.

Mr. Nam gives a speech at the online meeting.

In the first months of 2020, along with the prevention control of the Covid-19, Binh Duong seriously implemented measures to encourage economic development and ensure the province's growth goals. In the first quarter of 2020, the index of industrial production (IIP) is estimated to increase 6.14% over the same period in 2019. Total retail sales of goods and services were estimated at 62,146 billion VND, up 11.7% over the same period. The average consumer price index increased by 5.14% over the same period; Import-export turnover continued to grow but was lower than the same period. Namely, the export turnover is estimated at 5.8 billion US dollars, up 3.6%; Import turnover 4.2 billion US dollars, up 4.3%; total investment capital for social development VND20,916 billion, up 10.2% over the same period; total disbursement value of public investment in 2020 is VND665 billion, reaching 5% of the plan; Budget revenue VND17,140 billion, reaching 28% of provincial People's Council's estimate, up 15% over the same period...

At the conference, the delegates discussed difficulties of administrative agencies, departments, and businesses in performing the assigned tasks due to the effects of Covid-19; suggested additional solutions to remove difficulties for production and business, and facilitate economic growth; promptly implement support mechanisms and policies of the Central Government to enterprises affected by Covid-19; focusing on directing and solving difficulties for a number of sectors and industries heavily affected by the Covid-19; continued to perform well the prevention control of epidemic associated with ensuring social security; actively propagating and encouraging businesses to overcome difficulties and stabilize production.

Speaking at the online conference, Mr. Nam emphasized, with the drastic direction and administration of the province, the efforts of business community and people, Binh Duong is well controlling the epidemic situation and at the same time implementing economic growth solutions. The achieved figures are the outstanding efforts of the entire political system with the cooperation of organizations, individuals and business community. It is forecast that in the coming time, the Covid-19 pandemic would continue to develop complicatedly, quickly and unpredictably. This requires all levels and branches of the province to work with the highest concentration, absolutely not to be subjective, neglected, continue to consistently and drastically perform disease prevention and control measures with the highest goal of ensuring health and life safety for the people and laborers. This is considered as the most important task at present; strictly handle organizations and individuals that do not seriously fulfill their responsibilities and tasks in disease prevention and fighting; proactively carry out plans, take advantage of every opportunity, unfreeze resources for economic recovery. 

In the coming time, Mr. Nam asked all levels and sectors to review the growth scenario that must be close to the actual situation; perform urgent tasks and solutions to remove difficulties for production and business, ensure social security, and respond to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. In particular, to focus on key projects to create a breakthrough in socio-economic development, overcome difficulties in the current situation; to solve cultural - social issues, especially education and training needs to have solutions to ensure the school progress. Besides economic development, it is necessary to focus on Party building, political system consolidation, ensuring social security, security and order in order to carefully prepare for the successful organization of Party Congress at all levels...

Reported by Ngoc Thanh - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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