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The whole province had 5,710 people completing medical quarantine

Update: 08-08-2020 | 10:41:26

By the end of August 6, Binh Duong had 968 people who had completed 14 days of concentrated quarantine to prevent and control the Covid-19. During 14 days of concentrated quarantine at medical facilities in the province, these cases obeyed the regulations at isolation centers, strictly followed instructions of medical staff, and had their health check twice a day, had the right diet.

Certificates of quarantine completion are given at Provincial Military School.

According to reports of Department of Health, since beginning of the Covie-19, the whole province has had 5,710 people completing medical quarantine, of which 4,742 people had medical quarantine at home or residence, and 968 people were in concentrated quarantine. At present, Binh Duong still has 3,913 quarantined people with normal health conditions. Among the 3,913 people in quarantine, there are 3,504 people isolated at home and 409 people in concentrated quarantine. The number of people in home quarantine are mainly cases related to outbreaks in Da Nang, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai.

Reported by Kim Ha - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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