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The whole province has 733 self-managed models

Update: 01-08-2020 | 20:17:07

On July 30, provincial Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee held a conference to exchange experiences with the theme "Activities of self-management models in the community - Current situation and solutions".

The whole province now has 733 different autonomous models. In recent years, to carry out the campaign "All people unite to build new rural areas and civilized cities", Fatherland Front Committee at all levels and member organizations have instruct residential areas to set up self-management models with many solutions such as: to organize programs encouraging the entire population to participate in the prevention and fight against crimes, drugs, prostitution, HIV/AIDS, and social evils; ensure traffic safety and order; environmental protection... In each cooperation program, provincial Fatherland Front Committee built pilot models. Namely, 15 pilot models of ethnic minority areas to participate in environmental protection and climate change response; 46 pilot models of "Traffic safety self-managed teams"; 10 models "Fatherland Front participate in crime prevention and fighting"... 

At the conference, delegates discussed many self-managed models in the community for traffic safety management, garbage-free neighborhoods, Fatherland Front Committee participate in HIV prevention, propaganda and encouraging people to implement the models... Delegates also proposed a plan to further promote the autonomy role in the community.

Reported by K.Tuyen - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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