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The youth of Binh Duong for a green city

Update: 07-11-2019 | 11:37:39

In order to contribute to building Binh Duong into a green city, over the years, the youth of Binh Duong has effectively implemented the movement "Against plastic waste", as well as environmental protection movements with many specific actions. .

Youth union members donated thousands of cloth bags to people in order to change the habit of using nylon bags

Many environmental protection activities

Recognizing the serious impact of plastic waste pollution, in the past time, the Provincial Standing Committee of the Union has also launched many action movements to minimize the use of disposable plastic products. Specifically, the activities launched "Green Sunday", cleaning up waste; implementing models of waste separation at source, "Green Office", "The autonomous youth route that is bright - green - clean - beautiful - safe", "Green inn" ... These models have been The Standing Committee of the Provincial Youth Union implemented effectively and with great spread, with the purpose "For a green Binh Duong - clean - beautiful".

At the Youth Union facilities, many practical activities have also been organized. Binh Duong University organizes the exchange of waste for gifts. The Youth Union of Phu Cuong, Phu Hoa and Phu Loi wards (Thu Dau Mot City) in collaboration with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of the city donated thousands of canvas bags for people to use, in order to limit nylon bags and waste. plastic. The Phu My ward delegation (Thu Dau Mot City) co-organized the "Journey to reduce plastic waste" with propaganda and quizzes on the harmful effects of plastic waste in order to help students to be aware of protection. living environment. The Youth Union's Youth Union branch donated glass water bottles to cadres and members of the Youth Union and equipped 2 sorting bins at source at the office.

At the same time, the Youth Union of wards in Thu Dau Mot City also carried out the program "Challenges to change" with the cleaning and clearing of garbage places in contravention of regulations, planting flowers in green trees ... to propagate the people and change their awareness about environmental protection. In addition, you also set up the page "Binh Duong's youth join hands to act for the environment" on social networks to propagate images and videos about the current state of environmental pollution as well as good practices of the age. children inside and outside the province on environmental protection.

For a green city

Prominent in the propaganda on environmental protection must include the program "Binh Duong Youth Festival for a green city". This year, the "Binh Duong Youth Festival for a 7th green city, 2019" and the campaign "Saving - Recycling - Reusing" were organized by the Provincial Youth Union and Thu Dau Mot City on 3- 11 at Nguyen Du Park (Thu Dau Mot City) with a range of activities such as painting competitions on plastic drums from industrial waste and used tires; presenting playgrounds from "2nd Journey of tires" to children and giving waste sorting bins to the "Model inns" and "Green inns" among young workers, instructing sorting waste at source for residents and young workers living in the dormitories; exhibition of campaign product "Saving - Recycling - Reusing" and the product "2nd Journey of tires"; implementing the model of "Clean pavement, beautiful street corner" in 2019; install a free public advertisement board managed by the Youth Union and install 2 public waste bins and 10 flower baskets and bonsai basins made from used tires in Quarter 5, Chanh Nghia Ward. During the festival, youth union members (youth union members) also organized planting flowers and trees on the youth routes in Thu Dau Mot City; Fashion show recycling from plastic waste in elementary school students. In particular, at the program "Exchange waste for gifts", youth union members, students attending the festival can exchange recyclables (plastic bottles, scrap paper, carton boxes ...) for parts. attractive gifts from the organizers are glass bottles or grass straws, cloth bags ...

Mr. Tran Bao Lam, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Youth Union said: “Through the activities of Binh Duong youth at Binh Duong Youth Festival for a green city to contribute to promoting propaganda, raising awareness and responsibility. responsibilities of youth union members, children and people on awareness and behavior in environmental protection, limiting the use of disposable plastic waste, classifying waste at source, reusing garbage proper waste disposal in the right place contributes to improving the quality of life, protecting human health, protecting the environment of residential areas and public places, because the ecological environment is increasingly green - clean - beautiful. ... ”.

Mr. Bao Lam believes that: Every young person can become an active propagandist, contributing to helping people, organizations and businesses to profoundly change their perceptions about the role and importance of drought. manufacturing using disposable plastic products, switching to environmentally friendly materials, creating useful products from recycled materials; classify waste at source and dispose of waste at the right place to contribute to our healthy living environment, form civilized and polite behavioral habits ... to turn Binh Duong into a civilized city. , friendly and with a developed economy, stable society and sustainable environment.

Reported by Ngoc Nhu – Translated by Vi Bao

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