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Thu Dau Mot City: An example of environmental protection

Update: 29-11-2019 | 17:07:51

In 2019, Thu Dau Mot City was assessed to have many good examples environmental protection with many practical activities associated with people's lives. Because of this practical way, the movement of environmental protection locally spread strongly.

People go shopping at Thu Dau Mot market receive a cloth bag to keep products, contributing to environmental protection.

Pilot of waste separation at source

Implementing the Decision No. 1359/QD-UBND dated 1 Jun 2018 of People's Committee of Thu Dau Mot City, promulgating a piloting program of classification of daily-life solid waste at source in Hiep An ward in period 2018-2019, Hiep An ward soon had practical, appropriate solutions.

The program was implemented seriously and synchronously with many contents, such as: training programs to pilot solid waste sorting at source in Hiep An ward for civil servants, associations, unions, representatives of quarters, people, production facilities, household businesses, and workers of waste collecting units in the ward. To supervise the implementation of solid waste classification at source in Hiep An ward, the units and localities supervised communication activities, waste collection and transportation teams, the classification of daily-life solid waste at sources of households and production and business establishments.

The results show that the classification rate of domestic solid waste in Hiep An ward reached about 70%. It is expected that after this pilot in Hiep An ward, the program of solid waste classification will be implemented in communes and wards in Thu Dau Mot City in the shortest time.

Thu Dau Mot City has solved 6 points having frequent backlog of household waste (including 3 points at Phu Tho, 2 at Hiep An, and 1 at Tan An ward). atural Resources and Environment Office of the city also cooperated with People's Committees of wards and Binh Duong Urban Construction Company to survey and verify the need for garbage bins of wards, and perform installation. Currently, the office reported to the City People's Committee for consideration and making a written request to Provincial People's Committee to approve the policy of equipping garbage cans on parks and main roads within the city, with the number of 51 decoration bins for parks, 70 rubbish bins on main roads, 37 bins 240 liter and 32 bins of 660 liter, contributing to beautifying the streets and building an urban civilized lifestyle.

Turning towards a sustainable environment

One of environmental protection activities that created a strong spread is the activities in response to the Campaign to make the world cleaner and "Say no to plastic waste" in Thu Dau Mot City in 2019. A number of meaningful activities were carried out, such as the City People's Committee asked departments, committees, and People's Committees of wards to organize practical activities to minimize disposable plastic products, use reusable, environmentally friendly products at conferences and meetings.

Natural Resources and Environment Office in collaboration with People's Committee of Phu Cuong ward and Youth Union of Phu Cuong ward organized a free cloth bag distribution program for people in Thu Dau Mot market area, urging people to use cloth bags when do shopping at the market, aiming to further promote communication activities, enhance people's awareness, and change community behavior in practical environmental protection. Specifically, the units encouraged people to limit the use of nylon bags, and replac them with more environmentally friendly products, such as paper bags, cloth bags repeated, biodegradable nylon bags; prevent, limit the increase of pollution, environmental incidents caused by disposable plastic products and persistent nylon bags.

This activity has spread throughout Phu Cuong, Phu Hoa, Phu Loi, Tuong Binh Hiep and Hiep An wards... This first step has made an evident change in people's awareness of the risks coming from plastic waste.

Võ Thị Lý, Head of Natural Resources and Environment Office, said with the attention of leadership, direction of the City Party Committee, People's Committee, professional guidance of provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment, effective collaboration of relevant departments and branches, and effort of People's Committees of wards, state  management of natural resources and environment had a change, successfully completed the assigned tasks and targets. In 2019, the city had many programs and projects to enhance the protection and sustainable development of the environment.

In 2019, Natural Resources and Environment Office regularly propagated and creates favorable conditions for households, businesses, production facilities to strictly abide by the law on environmental protection; resolutely handled establishments that commit environmental violations. This unit implemented guiding documents of Provincial People's Committee and provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment; verification and advising the City People's Committee to confirm the environmental protection plan of production and business projects; carried out post-inspection after issuing environmental protection verification. This is the determination of all civil servants and officials of the city environment industry, contributing to the city's sustainable development.

 Reported by Phung Hieu - Translated by Ngoc Huynh


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