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Thu Dau Mot City makes good changes in building cultural lifestyle, urban civilization

Update: 21-09-2020 | 15:26:15

The campaign of "Building cultural lifestyle, urban civilization" in Thu Dau Mot City in recent years has created a great consensus, continued to spread and mobilized the participation of both the political system and all people's classes. The implementation results of the campaign have contributed to the urban renovation of the city.

Departments, unions and people have been renovated many roads in Thu Dau Mot City to create a new urban face.

Good results

With the determination to build and develop the city to be a political and cultural center of the province, in recent years, Thu Dau Mot City has implemented comprehensive solutions to develop urban technical infrastructure, while boosting propaganda to raise people's awareness of implementing the cultural lifestyle, urban civilization.

In order to implement this campaign, Thu Dau Mot City sets up an objective to build a city of "3 Nos" (no beggars, no garbage gathering points, and no unlicensed advertisements or billboards) and quarters of "3 Yeses" (to have concrete alleyways, public light system, public trash cans). Funded by State budget and socialization capital, together with the contribution of trade unionists and youth union members, Thu Dau Mot City invested in building and developing urban areas. The renovation of existing urban areas is tied to new urban connection (Binh Duong New City). Emphasized projects in central areas have appeared more and more, contributing to creating beautiful urban landscapes while serving people needs.

Currently, 100% city's roads are concreted, with public lights. Urban sanitation and environmental protection are gradually improved. Especially, the awareness of implementing cultural lifestyle, urban civilization is heightened. These are the important results and factors contributing to the construction of civilized, thriving and beautiful, modern Thu Dau Mot City.

To continue the implementation

Recently, Thu Dau Mot City is changing its urban face. Manhole covers turn into beautiful colored paintings. Electric poles are painted; flower beds under green trees along roads are also cleaned up beautifully. These are the models that agencies and unions have implemented to create a new beautiful face for Thu Dau Mot City.

Huynh Phi Nga, Head of Thu Dau Mot City Culture - Information Office, said the campaign was launched by the City Party Committee drawn the participation of all branches and local mass organizations in the area.  In the period 2020-2025, the City Party Committee will strive to build the city according to the criteria "3 nos, 4 goods" (3 nos include: No beggars, no garbage gathering points, and no unlicensed advertisements or billboards; 4 goods include: good social order, good traffic safety, good social security and good urban order). Besides, the city will encourage people to develop good habits in daily life according to "Citizens of 5 exemplary things".

As for culture and information branch, Huynh Phi Nga said that this branch develops an annual plan to organize the campaign. To remind and raise all strata of the people's awareness of this campaign, propagation work is carried out regularly and continuously in many forms, such as: to carry out visual propagation on panels, slogans, mobile communications trucks, cultural art shows, radio broadcast system of 14 wards, official website of the city... The city had 74 public billboards for free advertisements installed wards, were surveyed by the City Center of Culture and Sports to transform its function into communication of cultural and civilized lifestyle...

The campaign in Thu Dau Mot city has achieved many good results, initially changed the city's face, and built up a cultural awareness among the people, contributing to successfully implementing local targets and tasks in recent years. Therefore, Thu Dau Mot City Party Committee set up requirements for this work in the coming time, namely: Further improve quality of the campaign; enhance awareness, responsibility and active participation of both political system and all people in city construction and development, with the focus on forming Thu Dau Mot City's humane, civilized and polite citizens, contributing to the accomplishment of the provincial overall goal of building and developing into a civilized, thriving and beautiful Binh Duong City.

Reported by Hong Thuan - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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