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Tightening regulations on prevention and control of epidemics in the community

Update: 01-08-2020 | 20:17:07

The whole country is striving to implement measures to prevent and repel the Covid-19 epidemic in the new situation. Reported by reporters at agencies and offices in the province, this activity has been strictly implemented since the occurrence of cases of infection in the community in some provinces and cities nationwide.

People who came to work at the People's Committee of Hiep Thanh Ward (Thu Dau Mot City) had their body temperature measured and hand sanitized

The implementation

Following the directions of the Prime Minister, the Provincial People's Committee, the agencies, units and enterprises in the province quickly implemented measures to prevent and control Covid-19 in the new situation. At the People's Committee of Hiep Thanh Ward (Thu Dau Mot City), the local authorities informed all people in the ward to make a medical declaration and proactive measures to prevent and control Covid-19 disease. Mrs. Le Thi Kim Cuc, Chairman of the ward People's Committee, said: “The ward's disease prevention and control committee has noted that people who have close contact with patients with Covid-19 and those returning from Ho Chi Minh City. Da Nang, Quang Ngai and Quang Nam need to seriously implement medical declarations. The ward also requires departments, unions and neighborhoods to not neglect in the prevention of disease. The 8th Quarter Steering Committee also maintains quick response teams, promptly detecting, and zoning,

Binh Duong is a province with a large number of people from other provinces coming to live and work compared to other provinces and cities. Effective prevention and control of Covid-19 disease, the People's Committee of Hoa Phu ward (Thu Dau Mot City) has implemented the management and monitoring of people coming in, as well as local people returning from the epidemic areas, which have been closely implemented by localities. . Through review, there are some cases of people traveling from Da Nang City, the local has reminded them to make medical declaration, self-isolation at home. These people are monitored by the ward health station, who come to the home to measure their temperature daily. In Hoa Phu ward, there are apartment complexes, the ward's disease prevention and control committee has noted the building management to monitor and detect people returning from the epidemic area to quickly notify the locality to capture, according to track.

New approach of prevention

Resolutely not to let the disease enter Binh Duong, from 27-7, when people come to solve administrative procedures at the People's Committees of communes, wards, public administrative centers of districts, towns and cities and The province's blood pressure was measured and hand sanitized. People are also required to wear masks properly when entering these places. In order to prevent cross-contamination of the Covid-19 epidemic in the community, to best protect the health of the people, Thu Dau Mot Craft Administrative Center also announced a notice to suggest that customers should coordinate to prevent disease. . When going to the contact center for handling administrative procedures, people must wash their hands before disinfecting at the counter. The center has prepared disinfectant hand wash and hand wash sinks along with Lifebuoy soap. The center also stipulates that people always wear masks properly to prevent epidemics when coming to transactions; encourage organizations and citizens to choose the transaction form to settle administrative procedures through public postal services; apply through online public service level 3 for 47 administrative procedures.

Determined to keep the Covid-19 disease from spreading, agencies and offices strictly implemented disease prevention measures. These days, when people come to BIDV Bank, Thu Dau Mot branch, people are tested for body temperature, hand-washing antiseptic before entering the transaction. To ensure safety, customers are guided by security guards sitting away from each other, thereby creating peace of mind for customers when they need to come to the transaction. Covid-19's Steering Committee for Disease Prevention and Control also allows officials, employees and workers to work from home, but must follow the working time and schedule as at the agency.

Among the recent cases of Covid-19 in Da Nang City, Quang Ngai and Quang Nam, many cases are related to hospitals, so the provincial health facilities have increasingly implemented preventive measures. Disease. To prevent the spread of Covid-19, patients who came to the provincial General Hospital were measured by body temperature, hand sanitizer equipped with hospital equipment in many positions and required to wear a mask. The hospital also arranges the patient's seat away from each other to ensure safety, the patient sitting close to each other is protected to remind immediately. This has created a peace of mind for patients in the current complicated disease situation. 

Reported by Anh Sang – Translated by Vi Bao

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