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To concentrate on assurance of transportation and traffic safety during Tet 2021

Update: 26-11-2020 | 10:48:41

To well satisfy the needs for transportation and traffic safety during Tet 2021, Ministry of Transportation has just issued plans for servicing the transportation needs of the public while ensuring traffic safety during Tet Holiday and festivals of 2021 springtime.

Accordingly, General Vietnamese Road Bureau is required to check up the services for road transportation, to guide and urge local departments of transportation to demand transport businesses and stations to publish their fares. Concurrently, suitable transportation solutions should be in place to ensure rightful transportation of cargoes and passengers in line with laws. Transportation service competence and quality should be ensured along with strict observation of regulations on control and prevention of Covid-19. Safety conditions of vehicles and drivers should be checked thoroughly before departures. Passengers should be reminded to use seatbelts during their trips on the vehicles. Required information is to be published.

Besides, Ministry of Transport demanded that the traffic toll stations should process and resolve the obstruction of traffic to reduce jams at those stations. In case of traffic jams on the spot, it is required that those stations must open the barriers to release the vehicles.

Reported by H. Binh - Translated by Vi Bao

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