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To develop sustainable and smart urban areas in Thu Dau Mot city

Update: 14-09-2020 | 16:58:53

By the end of 2017, Thu Dau Mot city was approved as a type-1 urban area. In the upcoming stages, Thu Dau Mot urban areas will be on sustainable, green, and smart growth.

For the time to come, Thu Dau Mot urban areas will be on sustainable, green, and smart growth. In this photo: A corner of Binh Duong New City. Photo: Xuan Thi

To be worthy of a type-1 urban area

As a small municipal locality, spiritual and material lives of the people in low socio-economic infrastructure, Thu Dau Mot city has now become a locality of remarkable growth and economic, cultural, and urban achievements.

For the past time, general urban planning of Thu Dau Mot city has been followed along with 1/2000 scale sectional planning of wards, Thu Dau Mot urban development program in 2016-2020, and planning for urban development by clear tasks and criteria for a type-1 urban area. Nguyen Loc Ha, Chairman of Thu Dau Mot city People’s Committee said: “In 4 years of implementing Resolution No. 17-NQ/TU dated November 14, 2016 of Standing Committee of Provincial Party Committee on continual construction and development of Thu Dau Mot urban in 2016-2020, the city authority has made good and synchronous development steps. In the next years, local Party Committee, authority, and people have joined up to construct a more and more developed, civilized, and beautiful Thu Dau Mot city by criteria of green, clean, beautiful, and sustainable.”

As one of the urban areas of relatively fast growth in the major economic zone of the South, Thu Dau Mot city has been outreaching strongly to become a prioritized zone for young workers from nationwide. Nguyen Loc Ha added: “Thanks to policies of investment luring in addition to great advantages of land and employment, more people are getting to Thu Dau Mot city to work and settle down. They are the significant human resources that the city treasures as they have greatly contributed to socio-economic development and to the strong economic transition of the province. Currently, the city has implemented the coverage of the industry-service-urban complex with priority for commercial and service projects to attract more people to settle and work in new urban areas.”

Economic growth of the city has been 26.85%, exceeding 1.35% projected by the resolutions. Economic transition has been in correct direction of service-industry-agriculture respectively at 60.89%-39.07%-0.04%. In five years, the city focused on constructing and developing civilized urban areas and improving local live hood. Thu Dau Mot city has been approved by the Prime Minister as type-1 urban area in the end of 2017 and become one of 18 type-1 urban area among 835 urban areas of the nation. Referring to 59 criteria of a type-1 urban area, Thu Dau Mot won 37 criteria or 63% of total criteria at 91.2 out of 100 mark points including various technical and social infrastructure criteria.

In construction investment, Thu Dau Mot city leaders have paid great attention to direction and resources of major constructions of traffic development to create the spread and connection of urban areas in the West and Northwest of the city as well as connection to current urban areas to new urban areas in Binh Duong new city.

Currently, 2,153 traffic routes of Thu Dau Mot city have been invested by the provincial and city authorities and apartment managers; 1,490 other routes are under management of wards. Total length of the main route is 546 kilometers covering an area of 1,255.50 hectares. The ratio of land for traffic route and land for construction is 25.5% (increased by 0.5% from the resolution). The density of major routes is 11.8 kilometers per square kilometers (increased by 4,8 kilometers per square kilometers from the first tenure and gained 90.77% of the resolution).

In 2016-2020, provincial People’s Committee prioritized the capital allocation from the province’s budget to 61 projects totally at VND 3,048 billion, from the city’s budget to 106 constructions totally at VND 2,318.7 billion (of the amounts, VND 3,558.8 billion has been located to construction of traffic routes in the city and VND 1,992.7 billion was disbursed to construction of 77 traffic routes). Thu Dau Mot city is under rapid urbanization process with various traffic routes, residential and urban areas that have been newly constructed and fulfilled for use. The alleys and traffic routes under management of local wards have been upgraded to concrete constructions and lightings. Some of the major constructions have been put into use as a major premises to promote urban construction and development.

Besides, the constructions to beautify urban areas have been promoted. The renovation of pavements, manholes, water releasing system, wastewater treatment system, green trees, and so on have been carried out and gain various results. The green tree area of urban zones has reached 406.5 hectares. Urban green tree area per capital is 13.6 square meters. The city authority has coordinated with power and telecommunication suppliers to install neat cables across 87 out 91 routes at 95.6% of hectares and underground telecommunication cables at 44 out of 91 routes, gaining 48.35%.

Concurrently, the city has paid attention to development of housing projects under urban development projects. Currently, 25 housing projects are being implemented in the city. 2,075 apartments have been used, accounting for floor area of 29.89 square meters per capita. Various urban and residential area projects under slow progress have been offered conditions to restart.

Continual mobilization of investment resources

In the next stage, Thu Dau Mot city continues to mobilize resources to construct and develop urban areas in manners of sustainability, green growth, and intelligence. Thu Dau Mot general urban planning adjustment is carried out on the basis of provincial planning in 2021-2030 with vision to 2050, of divided functional areas of 12 wards (excluding Hoa Phu and Phu Tan), of adjustment of managerial regulations on urban structure and land-use planning in 2020-2030, and of annual land-use plans. Planning publication and management and construction order management under the planning are continually enhanced.

State’s budget investment effectiveness and saving are improved for development investments. In the meantime, socialization of all fields should be made in the fields of culture, education, schools, recreational zones, sports centers, and so on. Model architecture and special public spaces will be invested to create highlights of urban areas.

Reported by Phuong Le – Translated by Vi Bao

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