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To ensure safety against and fighting against the Covid-19 epidemic in the high school graduation exam

Update: 06-08-2020 | 11:05:12

In the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, on August 5, the Department of Education and Training noted that the leaders of high schools, vocational and educational education centers are regularly implementing measures to prevent and control diseases of Covid-19 so that the 2020 high school graduation exam will be carried out as planned and safely in 2 days of August 9 and 10.

Health workers spray disinfectant at the exam site at Bau Bang high school

For schools, through the homeroom teacher, the representative board of students' parents, guide and thoroughly know the candidates to measure the body temperature before reaching the examination site; coordinating with a team of volunteer soldiers "relaying the exam season" to measure body temperature in front of the test score gate; When there are abnormal signs of TS health, they must immediately report to the test scores to handle. The candidates should strictly implement disease prevention measures such as: Wash hands with soap, wear a mask properly, avoid crowds before and after the exam.

For teachers doing the exam, in addition to complying with the regulations as for the candidates, in the process of doing the task, they should promptly detect any signs of fever, cough, or difficulty breathing  etc. to immediately report to the leaders. For test test leaders and deputy leaders, to coordinate with school leaders in implementing a clean, safe environment; coordinate medical local disinfectant spray test scores before the exam; to fully prepare the conditions for facilities and equipment to meet epidemic prevention and control requirements. After each exam, the examination room shall be cleaned and disinfected; propagating and guiding the candidates to strictly implement disease prevention and control measures.

Reported by Hong Thai – Translated by Vi Bao

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