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To improve agricultural quality

Update: 14-08-2019 | 12:12:34

In recent years, thanks to the effective application of modern science and technology into agricultural production, the value and competitiveness of agricultural products of North Tan Uyen district has increased strongly.

Organic orange farm Tu Co in Hieu Liem commune brings high economic value.

Development based on VietGAP standards

Tran Trung Chau, who has attached himself to this land, Lac An commune, for a long time, said that Tan Uyen pomelo have been famous thanks to soil and water here.

Previously, the national economy in general and Binh Duong in particular were still in difficult situation, so it was not easy for Tan Uyen pomelo to go further, because roads were poor and people's incomes were low. After Tan Uyen district was separated into Tan Uyen town and North Tan Uyen district, with a policy of changing agricultural structure, developing strengths of the district, farmers in the area were very happy because they have experience in agricultural production, but also tried their best to learn the new for development.

Mr. Chau said that new things to farmers were considered a problem with many unknowns. In fact, before the transformation of crop structure, local authorities supported farmers in studying, training, visiting many productive models. But when they started their own models, he and other farmers in the district encountered many problems. That was the first pomelo crop, his family did exactly as instructed: From preventive hygiene to fertilizing, seed selection ... but pomelo trees withered and died. They went to many people to find solution, but only got confused.

“At that time, we were very sad. Then by chance I discovered that the roots did not grow”, he said. Telling this story to agricultural engineers, he was instructed to fix a bamboo stick in parallel with seedling so the root could develop. This lesson has been an unforgettable memory on the path of crop restructuring.

According to Nguyen Van Thuan, Head of Economic Chamber of North Tan Uyen district, the difference, which is also the success of the district, is the general plan and development strategy. Accordingly, agricultural development according to VietGAP standard (good agricultural production practice) was widely implemented and received the support of farmers in the district. Notably, in the district, many farmers pioneered organic production; The products are sold at very high prices.

The restructuring results show that the proportion of agriculture gradually decreased in economic structure of the district, but the production efficiency, value, competitiveness of agricultural products increased many times. Farmer lives are getting better.

The power of Triple Helix model

The master plan for socio-economic development of North Tan Uyen district up to 2025 aims that the value of agricultural, forestry and fishery production in the period of 2021-2025 would increase by 7 - 7.5% per year on average; total retail sales of goods and service revenue would increase by an average of 19-21% per year; The growth rate of development investment capital averaged 30% per year. By 2020, the district would meet the standards of new rural districts; 100% of industrial parks and complexes would come into operation with wastewater treatment systems according to environmental standards; 100% of new residential areas would build concentrated sewage and wastewater treatment system according to the approved decision.

In the period 2016-2020, the district strives to increase the industrial production value by 11 - 13% per year on average; the period of 2021-2025 increases an average of 18-20% / year. Industrial parks and clusters in the district is developing in the direction of concentrating and perfecting the infrastructure system ... In addition, the district continues the planning for high-tech agricultural development area; developing local agricultural products and foodstuffs such as rubber, fruit trees, meat, dairy products, poultry eggs ...

With the key role in forming the strategy of agricultural restructuring in the direction of heightening added value and sustainable development, the district Economic Chamber gives advices to the District People's Committee on investing in rural roads and irrigation works, upgrading and repairing traffic and irrigation works to serve the production and transport demands of people. In addition, this chamber also offers advices on investment attraction, encouraging investment in industries according to the priority list of the district; strengthening business management, environmental protection ...

Mr. Thuan said that after African swine fever epidemic, the practical value of Triple Helix model (the State plays a key role in management and orientation; scientists create solutions and treat effectively arising problems; farmers implement and reinvest to develop sustainably). In recent years, breeding facilities in the area has applied advanced technologies in the direction of linking businesses with farmers; this have ensured safety against weather and epidemic changes, thanks to good control, from breeding environment, seedling, source of food, water, nutrition to markets and distribution channels.

For example, Hoang Lan chicken farm, An Ty farm has applied new technologies into treating and cleaning cages, collecting chicken manure to produce useful products, is a safe input of the agricultural sector. Meanwhile, Nhat Hung Rubber Cooperative developed and cooperates with foreign enterprises, pioneered the application of modern technology to create new products, has a stable consuming market... To obtain these results, first of all, right from the separation of the district, the locality identified their development strategy towards high technology application, says no to farms of old technology trends, causing environmental pollution.

Reported by Duy Chi – Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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