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To keep promoting effective models and programs to assist young people

Update: 10-10-2019 | 11:20:53

Morning 4 Oct, with the participation of 250 delegates who were excellent members representing nearly 160,000 young people, the 7th provincial Youth Federation Congress, 2019-2020 tenure, officially took place. Attending the conference were Tran Van Nam, Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of Binh Duong Provincial Party Committee, Head of Provincial National Assembly’s delegation; Tran Thanh Liem, Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Provincial People's Committee.

Delegates vote and approve the congress program.

With action slogan "Binh Duong youth to pioneer, unite, be creative for Binh Duong provincial development", the congress was an important event to Binh Duong youth to reassess implementation results of the 6th Resolution tenure 2014-2019; discuss, contribute opinions and solutions to the program, objectives, and direction of provincial youth works and movements in 2019-2024.

During the last tenure, due to the continuous efforts of all officials and members in the whole province, provincial Youth Federation honorably received a Second-class Labor Medal awarded by the President, Emulation Flags of Vietnam Youth Federation in five consecutive years, and was considered as one of 14 excellent units leading youth emulation movements in 2014-2019. During this tenure, provincial Youth Federation from province- to grassroots-level effectively implemented goals, directions of youth works and movements set by the 6th Vietnam Youth Federation Congress, tenure 2014-2019.

The Congress also proposed a program of youth works and movements for the period 2019-2024, including: to continue promoting effective models of the last tenure; effectively implement the movement "I love my country" and programs assisting young people; building a strong Vietnam Youth Federation. Provincial Youth Federation will implement the congress projects, including: maintaining 500 health insurance books annually given to workers’ children having difficult circumstances; 500 free sessions of health examination and treatment consultation for young workers; presenting at least 50 compassionate houses and dream rooms to young people having difficult circumstances; carrying out 5 youth projects "For border areas and islands" at twinned units. Additionally, provincial Youth Federation of Vietnam will collaborate with Department of Science and Technology to carry out activities to assist youth entrepreneurship; continue to implement the project "To unite and gather young workers in the province in the period 2016-2020"; the project "Provincial Youth Counseling, Support, and Development Office for 2016-2020" was approved.

At the conference, the Central Committee of Vietnam Youth Federation awarded flags of five-consecutive-year excellent units to provincial Vietnam Youth Federation. The congress also approved the summary of opinions and documents of the 8th National Vietnam Youth Federation Congress, tenure 2019-2024. The congress also held a discussion on three topics, including: "To assist young people in innovation startup", "Improving the quality of uniting and gathering of young people for the development of Binh Duong province", "Caring for members and young people”. The Committee of provincial Youth Federation approved and appointed 45 excellent representatives to join the 7th Provincial Youth Federation Committee and sent a delegation to the 8th National Vietnam Youth Federation Congress, tenure 2019- 2024.

On Oct 5, Provincial Youth Federation continued the program with following contents: showing video clips on results of provincial youth works and movements tenure 2014-2019; discussing goals, tasks, and solutions for youth works and movements in the new tenure 2019-2024. Grassroots units reported a number of issues, such as: The role of Binh Duong youth in developing provincial smart city; assisting Binh Duong youth in creative innovate start-up; effects from uniting and gathering young workers in the area. Subsequently, Provincial Youth Federation Committee introduced Executive Committee, Secretariat, and titles of the Committee, and announced the list of delegates attending the 8th National Congress of Vietnam Youth Federation, tenure 2019-2024. Provincial Youth Federation Committee presented youth works, expressed gratitude to former committee members of the last tenure.

According to Nguyen Tan Dat, Deputy Secretary of Provincial Youth Union, Chairman of Provincial Youth Federation, on every aspect, Provincial Youth Federation at all levels had a comprehensive investment, promoted effectiveness to be suitable for characteristics of each youth group, political tasks of each locality and unit in order to achieve the highest results. Since then, many new ideas and models appeared; many examples of following Uncle Ho's teachings, well implementation of the movement "I love my Fatherland" in many fields were commended and expanded for young members to follow.

“The innovation in the content and method, initiatives in advisory role for youth programs, schemes, and constructions of provincial Youth Federation strongly promoted the pioneering spirit of young people in provincial socio-economic development, maintaining national defense and security and ensuring social security. On the other hand, provincial Youth Federation’s assistance and care for the legitimate demands and aspirations of the youth also made a good impression on public opinion, and were supported by Party committees, authorities and people. The results achieved in the past 5 years are the enthusiasm, effort, and affection of young people in the whole province”, emphasized Mr. Dat.

Reported by Kim Tuyen – Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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