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To mobilize maximal resource for synchronized and modern traffic infrastructure

Update: 21-05-2020 | 11:42:14

Ben Cat Town specifies that the development of transportation infrastructure is an important task to create foundation, motivation for local socio-economic growth, thus has mobilized funds to invest in construction and development of a synchronized, modern traffic infrastructure. Binh Duong Newspaper made an interview with Nguyen Trong An, Chairman of Ben Cat Town People's committee, about this.

The town's internal routes are expanded to meet the travel demand of people and facilitate local economic development.

 -Could you inform some news about investment and development of traffic infrastructure in recent years?

-Ben Cat Town is a locality that has a rapid pace of urbanization, economic development. In the district, there are 8 industrial parks and 1 concentrated manufacturing zone with an area of 4,100 hectares and 4,386 active enterprises, 37 residential areas, housing areas with an area of 2,142 hectares. Therefore, the investment in technical infrastructure, especially transport infrastructure is a very important factor, from various sources to timely meet the pace of the town development, towards modern, environmentally friendly urban area. It is one of the most important tasks of the 11th Ben Cat Town Party Resolution 2015-2020.

In the period 2016-2020, the town invested in and completed 98/138 projects of technical, transportation infrastructure. In addition, the town still renovated, upgraded 306 routes with a total length of about 251km, total investment capital of about VND341 billion. Lighting system was installed on 499 routes, total cost of about VND100 billion, increasing the total lighted road length to around 408km. Technical infrastructure, roads in industrial parks, residential areas, housing areas are basically completed, about 381km, total investment of VND7,400 billion.

For transport infrastructure in three new rural communes, the town leadership specified rural transport development to be the most important breakthrough factor, contributing to local socio-economic growth, and should be invested by state budget and socialization resources. Currently, the three new rural communes (An Dien, An Tay, Phu An) have 346 routes, total length 223km is constructed, upgraded, and concreted, meeting the travelling, living, transporting need of people.

-To achieve these results, would you tell about the advantages and difficulties in this process?

-Overall, Ben Cat Town has a good, through, synchronized traffic infrastructure with key routes passing key avenues, such as Binh Duong Avenue, DT741, DT744 with 6 lanes, My Phuoc- Tan Van, Belt Road 4. The town's internal roads are also extended, such as 30-4, Hung Vuong, Ngo Quyen, 7A, 7B streets help the town easily connects with industrial parks, provincial southern urban areas, Binh Duong New city, HCM City, Binh Phuoc Province, Highlands provinces. In addition, these routes are of utmost importance to the socio-economic development process to attract investment, facilitate industrialization, urbanization, defence and security.

In order to achieve the above results, the town has make good use of its available socio-economic potential and advantages. Thanks to the consensus, unity within the entire political system, the support of people in implementing the State's policies for clearance and investment in infrastructure development, as well as the direction of PPC.

However, the town also encounters difficulties in investing and developing transportation infrastructure, such as the progress of compensation, clearance are slower than the plan. The town had to convince several times. Capital investment in transportation infrastructure development is funded by State budget and socialization. But these resources are limited, especially the mobilization of investment for roads in communes, hamlets.

- Could you said about investment develop solutions for transportation infrastructure in the future?

-The town continues to develop transport system according to the planning, with modern infrastructure; gives priority to external transport routes, urban key routes, strategic routes with from 2 to 8 lanes to stimulate socio-economic development. Rural transport infrastructure continues to be concreted and hardened to connect smoothly highway, provincial road, district road with communes, hamlets. In addition, the town will remedy local flooding in urban areas, complete water supply and drainage system in residential areas; expand, upgrade, solidify drainage from canals, streams into Saigon River, Thi Tinh River; at the same time, gradually bury the power cable, telecommunication cable on central routes, new urban areas combined with the application of information technology to build "smart city" to create utilities for people.

- Thank you Sir!

Reported by Thoai Phuong - Translated by Ngoc Huynh


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