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To promote learning and following President Ho Chi Minh

Update: 20-05-2020 | 17:03:24

The implementation of Directive No. 05-CT/TW of the Politburo on promoting learning and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style in the province over the past time has had many positive changes, becoming into voluntary action by cadres, party members and people. Many good models and creative ways of studying and following President Ho Chi Minh Ho have been implemented effectively by localities, agencies and units, positively affecting the implementation of socio-economic development tasks, building the political system of the province.

In parallel with the implementation of the contents of Directive 05, the detection and commendation of outstanding examples in learning to follow President Ho Chi Minh Ho has been concerned by the committees and authorities at all levels. In the photo: Collective and individual of Dau Tieng Rubber One Member Company Limited with excellent achievements in implementing Directive 05 are commended and rewarded.

Spread the learning and follow President Ho Chi Minh

One of the outstanding results after 4 years of implementing Directive 05 in the province, is that localities, agencies and units have built and implemented effectively the learning models and following President Ho Chi Minh Ho. In addition, localities, agencies and units have built many good practices, new models, bringing positive effects. For agencies, units of State administrative management, armed forces have implemented practical models

Not only agencies, departments, unions but also in the people also appeared many examples of good people, good deeds, building hamlets, cultural neighborhoods, actively participating in ethical movements. Many community examples such as giving land to pave the way, actively participating in social movements, building civilized neighborhoods, green, clean and beautiful streets and streets, campaigning to award scholarships to students with difficult circumstances etc. have contributed to the spread of learning and following President Ho Chi Minh in the whole society.

Raising awareness of serving the people

In furtherance of Directive 05 and Directive 27 / CT-TTg of the Prime Minister, administrative and State management agencies at all levels have focused on seriously implementing the study and following ideological and religious principles. Germany, Ho Chi Minh style; in which special attention is directed to improving the quality of administrative procedure reform, minimizing the situation of causing troubles and harassing people and businesses. At the same time, agencies and units often remind civil servants to cultivate and practice morality, raise the sense of responsibility in their work, practice thrift, fight against corruption, waste and bureaucracy. The active quick resolution of complaints and denunciations related to ethics, responsibilities of civil servants and officials in localities and units; implementing democratic regulations, working regulations.

The highlight of the Prime Minister's implementation of Directive 27 is that in the last 2-3 years, People's Committees at all levels have focused on better implementation of the 1-door and 1-door mechanism, continuing to promote and review, reforming administrative procedures, speeding up the procedures for granting investment licenses, granting land use right certificates, shortening the time for settling administrative procedures, creating favorable conditions for people and businesses. In addition, by continuing to implement the model "Friendly government of the people, by the people, for the people" and the model "Friendly offices for the people", the sense of responsibility to serve the people of cadres and civil servants have made many positive changes. Officials and civil servants are not only dedicated and enthusiastic in guiding and handling their work in a spirit of high sense of responsibility, but also show their closeness and friendliness with the people.

In the course of performing official duties, many localities and units have conducted surveys of people's satisfaction with the attitude of serving cadres and civil servants in various forms such as: questionnaire survey people's hearts toward the reception of people, seeking people's input on government activities and officials; organize seminars on leaders' role in communication and behavior, etc. In addition, a number of agencies in contact with people also promptly carried out letters of apology, letters of thanks, and greetings, Letter of condolence; organize forums "Listening to the people's opinion" as well as regularly checking the people's comments to promptly rectify and remind when officials and public employees have not performed well their duties and duties. , avoid causing troubles to people; contribute to the satisfaction,

Continue to study and follow President Ho Chi Minh

Based on the results of implementing Directive 05, according to the Provincial Standing Committee, in the coming time the province will continue to thoroughly grasp and raise awareness of the importance of implementing Directive 05; the meaning and role of studying and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style for the work of building the Party, building a strong and clean political system, building the cultural and child development. Vietnamese socialist people; further research to deepen the basic contents of thought, morality, Ho Chi Minh style and application in the current period. Besides, based on drawing experience from the models following President Ho Chi Minh, the province will continue to maintain and replicate in agencies, units and localities with suitable conditions.

At the same time, the Provincial Party Committee requested the committees at all levels to lead, direct and organize the implementation of Directive 05 associated with the implementation of the Central Resolution, especially the synchronous implementation of solution groups of the Central Resolution 4 Party (term 12), successfully organized the Party Congress at all levels to the 13th National Congress of the Party; strictly abide by the regulations on what party members must not do, stipulate the responsibility to set an example, and regulations on the inspection by the Party organization for the cultivation and training of morality and lifestyle of officials, party members, regulations on supervision of the Fatherland Front, socio-political organizations and people regarding the cultivation and training of morals and lifestyle of the head, key officials and officials , party members ...; continue to direct the implementation of Prime Minister's Directive 27 on "Promoting learning and ideological Ho Chi Minh's morality and style ”in the state administrative and management agencies; concretize into regulations for implementation, inspection, evaluation and for people to monitor; effectively implement administrative reforms, improve the quality and service attitude of officials and public employees to create satisfaction for people and enterprises.

It can be affirmed that the results achieved in the implementation of Directive 05-CT/TW of the Politburo in the province last time are a solid basis for effective implementation of the task of economic development and society, ensuring national defense and security, especially the work of building an increasingly strong and clean Party Committee, successfully completing the objectives of Resolution of the 12th Party Congress of the Party, Resolution of the 10th Party Committee of the Party and the Resolution of the Party Congress at all levels in 2015-2020. It is also an important basis for the provincial Party Committee to well complete the work of preparing and successfully organizing the Party Congress at all levels for the 2020-2025 term.

Translated by Vi Bao

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