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To promote Vietnamese bamboo chopsticks

Update: 14-08-2020 | 08:39:34


With the aid of industrial promotion fund, the industry and trade branch have supported the bamboo chopsticks industry to expand, improve production capacity, reach out to the world market...

Acceptance of the project "Supporting the application of advanced machinery in bamboo chopstick production" of Ngoc Chau Company.

Non-stop effort

According to Khuu Tu Chau, Director of Ngoc Chau Bamboo Chopsticks Company (Di An City), the production of bamboo products is considered one of the popular, eco-friendly production and has brought important economic benefits to people in rural areas of Vietnam for a long time. However, in order to stand firm on the market, this "small" industry must try harder.

To be established in 2003, Ngoc Chau Bamboo Chopsticks Company is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of bamboo and wooden products. After many efforts, the company's products have met strict standards and regulations of the world market. The company aims at four main goals in the global economic development and integration by constantly researching and developing to perfect their products, committing to implementing regulations to ensure product safety.

In addition, the company is looking for ways to lower production costs, ensuring reasonable prices. Starting up from a small business, the most worrying thing to the company is constantly improving itself and progressing to professionalism in service. In recent years, the company's sales have achieved good results, were clearly showed in the annual revenue. In 2018, the company's revenue was VND31.5 billion, in 2019 VND51 billion.

Currently on the market, there are many utensils made from bamboo, of which bamboo chopsticks are very popular. This daily essential item not only grows on the domestic market but also is exported to the US, Japan, Korea... Compared to other types of chopsticks, bamboo chopsticks has more outstanding features in terms of convenience and environmentally friendly. With the management system right from import of input raw materials in a systematic manner, and thorough selection, bamboo chopsticks produced by the company is rated as one of the safest products. Thanks to the application of advanced technology in production, Vietnamese bamboo chopsticks are gaining higher prestige on the domestic and international markets, especially the fastidious Japanese market.

More means for development 

In 2020, amid the epidemic, industry and trade authority promptly supported Ngoc Chau Bamboo Chopsticks Company in purchasing advanced equipment by industrial promotion fund. Phan Thi Khanh Duyen, Deputy Director of provincial Center for Promotion of Investment, Trade and Industrial Development, said the project "Supporting the application of advanced machinery in bamboo chopsticks production" for Ngoc Chau Company is highly necessary due to the current labor scarcity. This support helped the company have favorable conditions for advanced machinery application into production, improving automation, using fuel more efficiently.

The investment in a new packaging machine, with a capacity of 450 pairs/minute, combining the function of packaging and counting, increasing productivity by 5 times, reducing labor from 3 to 1 person. With the use of domestic characteristic materials, it will also promote a Vietnamese brand, as well as create more jobs for rural workers. The project has high competitiveness to actively penetrate into international markets, increase export turnover as well as domestic consumption. The benefits of this project are very practical and feasible, contributing to the diversification of industries in the province.

“This is also an opportunity to promote the role of provincial Center for Promotion of Investment, Trade and Industrial Development in order to support and create conditions for rural industrial establishments to renovate machines and equipment with advanced technologies, helping the establishments apply the scientific and technological advances of Industry 4.0, connecting domestic enterprises to big international markets”, emphasized Ms. Duyen.

Reported by Tieu My - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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