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To shift the direction of youth movements in line with Covid-19 prevention and control

Update: 12-08-2020 | 11:47:45

The Covid-19 has risen again in Vietnam in recent days, while the country's youth are doing and will perform many meaningful works such as: Summer Volunteer Campaign, Exam Season Support Program, Summer Activities for Children... On this occasion, Binh Duong Newspaper discussed with Tran Thi Diem Trinh, Deputy Secretary of Provincial Youth Union, President of Provincial Students' Union, about youth activities and movements in the current anti-epidemic period.

Youth Union members of Phu Loi ward (Thu Dau Mot city) instruct people to install Bluezone app on their phones.

- Ma'am, in recent days, the epidemic has developed complicatedly, thus Provincial Youth Union directed and planned for make known to its members and people in the province about epidemic prevention control?

- Facing the complicated development of the epidemic, Standing Committee of Provincial Youth Union promptly issued propagation documents, directed Youth Union at all levels in the province to urgently implement measures to increase the communication and integration of practical activities to prevent and control Covid-19; at the same time, to get forces ready for participating in unexpected tasks at the request of local authorities; collaborate with relevant units to effectively propagate and prevent the Covid-19 so that union members could recognize the dangerous nature and serious harm caused by the epidemic. Thereby, raising awareness and responsibility of union members and people towards self-prevention for themselves, their families and the community; fight and strictly handle organizations and individuals that give inaccurate information, cause confusion, affect people's lives; continue to launch medical declaration on applications under guidance of the Central Youth Union and Ministry of Health under the direction of the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, Provincial Youth Union asked Youth Unions of towns, districts, cities to maintain the operation of quick response teams to support medical units when needed, fully prepare disinfectants, epidemic prevention and control equipment, and support units when necessary; assist and serve concentrated quarantine areas in receiving Vietnamese people coming from abroad; be willing to participate in communication and instruct people to prevent epidemic and diseases; organize free medical mask distribution points for union members and people in the province. Youth Unions must also ensure adequate hand sanitizers, gloves, face masks for response squads, communication teams at these points.

- How will youth activities in the province be carried out to suit the current situation?

- Due to the new development of Covid-19 , under the direction of Provincial Party Committee, Provincial People's Committee and Central Youth Union, Provincial Youth Union's changed the method of youth movements into online dissemination, livestream, propagation on official website, fan page of Youth Union, Youth Associations, HYPOs; At the same time, pay more attention to the content to attract youth members and people, use visual communication methods, such as infographics, panels, propagation paintings etc. to spread the epidemic prevention and control.

In particular, Provincial Youth Union as well as youth organizations do not organize mass gatherings according to direction of the Government, are replaced by propagation activities, distribution of leaflets, free face masks and hand sanitizers to youth members and people; change direct meetings, training sessions into online forms, livestreams; divide into small groups to carry out social security projects, such as environmental sanitation, visit and give gifts to Vietnamese heroic mothers, clean canals, build benevolent houses, "red scarf" houses...

- Recently, the Prime Minister has asked the entire population to install Bluezone, what plan does Binh Duong Provincial Youth Union have to help youth union and the people install this app?

- To protect the community from the epidemic, Ministry of Information and Communications, Ministry of Health, under the direction of the Prime Minister, launched Bluezone mobile app to detect close contacts. Bluezone helps warn if you have a close contact with an infected Covid-19 case, minimize the spreading in the community. Thereby, Provincial Youth Union quickly and promptly communicated this app to youth members and people through information channels, such as official website, Fan page, youth groups, Zalo, provided links and installation instructions; at the same time, disseminates among all youth members about this app; youth members also encouraged their families and neighbors to install this app to timely detect the spreading in the community.

- Ma'am, how is the plan of Provincial Youth Union to support young ones having difficult circumstances and affected by the epidemic?

- Provincial Youth Union directed, instructed all-level Youth Unions to be ready for taking part in communicating and guiding people through the epidemic prevention control. Youth Unions have organized diverse forms of propagation, distribution of free face masks, presented hand-washing sinks, delivery of propagation flyers; sent youth members to lodging houses to propagate, instruct people to carry out online medical declarations; in collaboration with departments, unions to encourage lodging house owners to reduce room rent, specially called for socialization sources to donate necessities, presented Dream Rooms...

In particular, in order to support young ones having difficult circumstances caused by the Covid-19, Provincial Youth Union collaborated with other unions to hold many activities to connect youth members, call for donations, uphold the spirit of mutual affection. Gifts, such as rice, instant noodle, necessities from youth organizations have been delivered to young ones having difficult situations, the elderly, disabled people selling lottery tickets...

- Thank you!

 Reported by Ngoc Nhu - Translated by Ngoc Huynh


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