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To stay proactive for Covid-19 prevention and control measures

Update: 02-03-2021 | 12:56:46

In order to proactively respond to the new circumstances and developments of the Covid-19 epidemic and to minimize its consequences, the Steering Committee for the prevention and control of Covid-19 in Di An city promoted plans, lockdown scenarios, quarantine of residential areas and residential groups among neighborhoods and wards. These plans have helped them be proactive in disease prevention and control.

Di An city Stadium is made used for concentrated quarantine of the city

Community infection drilled

Pham Van Bay, Deputy Chairman of People's Committee of Di An city, said that at present, the city has not recorded any Covid-19 infection but by the initiatives, they have developed a responsive plan to epidemic situations. The given situation is that the epidemic has spread to the community in one ward and has a great risk of spreading to other areas and localities. Specifically, on the first day is drilled for the situation of complex traveling of citizens, students, Vietnamese and foreign citizens in localities without reporting and illegal entries. The Steering Committee for Covid-19 prevention and control in the ward has carried out measures to investigate the epidemiology, monitor and handle the cases in accordance with the regulations on epidemic prevention.

The drill is also for the second day of examined cases at local clinics. Under the drill, the detected cases are transferred to Binh Duong provincial General Hospital for treatments while the contacting cases are quarantined along with lockdown for disinfection and medical supervision. The drill is also made for the following up days of increasing cases of Covid-19 infection, prompting units and localities, especially Covid-19 community safety groups to verify and uncover close contacts for quarantine.

Under the drill, the stockpiling is also incurred, making supermarkets nearly unable to supply. Following up the rumors, some may stock up assets and luggage to leave the locality. Thus, the neighboring cities and localities are informed for coordination of supervising close contacts to previously detected infection. Thus, local Covid-19 prevention and control steering board confirms the exposures of F1, F2, and F3 in relation to the assumed infection in the locality in increment trend. By the drill, the spread is becoming wide and hard to control within wards and other localities of the city if no lockdown or quarantine is made. In such situation of the drill, local Chairman of People’s Committee reports to Binh Duong provincial Covid-19 prevention and Control Steering Board and Department of Health to administer lockdown and medical quarantine in all wards for Covid-19 prevention and control.

Ready for lockdown and quarantine

On the basis of the hypothetical case, after the blockade and isolation, all levels, branches and localities in the city would gather all resources for epidemic prevention and control. Accordingly, the city focuses on ensuring security, safety and order in the isolated area. In particular, localities thoroughly stop all activities and events of gathering people such as entertainment, festivals, and crowded dining events in the isolated areas. Teaching and learning activities are suspended in the isolated area. Patrols are made to regularly extend protection in the isolated areas on 24/7 basis. In addition to disease propaganda activities in the quarantine area, Di An city also ensures social security in the isolated area.

The authority also takes the lead in directing the ward's functional agencies to coordinate with relevant agencies to ensure the essential needs of social security for people in isolated areas. Local Medical Center advises to provide medical supplies and protective gears for forces in charge of blockade, isolation, and pandemic prevention and control. In each residential group and zone a group is established to collect and classify waste for daily discarding in each residential group and area to the gathering locations pending for treatment. A logistic supporting team is established to provide food, water and necessary supplies to the forces on duty in the quarantine area. Selling points for price stabilization in isolated areas are set up to supply food and basic necessities to meet the most essential needs of people during the time of lockdown and quarantine.

In addition to ensuring security, order, and lives of people in the blocked and isolated areas, the city also ensures medical options. Specifically, the establishment of Covid-19 prevention and control groups in the community and medical isolation organizations should be intensified as more infection cases are recorded in the lockdown. Environmental treatment, epidemic outbreak disinfection, medical examination and treatment, and health care for people in isolated areas and control of infection prevention at treatment facilities should be practiced.

 “On the basis of the constructed plan, Di An city People's Committee assigns local Military Command to preside over and coordinate with departments, branches and localities to develop detailed scenarios and plans for blockade drills within a residential area and group for a quarter and entire wards. Departments, branches and localities on the basis of the scenarios and in association with the local real situation implement effectively when the situation occurs and ensure high efficiency of epidemic prevention and control in the area,” said Pham Van Bay.

Reported by Kim Ha – Translated by Vi Bao

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