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To swiftly seize opportunities and motivate development

Update: 25-11-2020 | 10:28:03

The Covid-19 epidemic has been well controlled, besides the support of ministries, sectors, and localities, business communities has made every effort to solve immediate growth goals, better take advantage of opportunities to accelerate restructuring, stimulate growth in the new situation.

Enterprises strive to promote technology development, digitalization of technical processes. In photo:  Production at a waste treatment plant of Binh Duong Water - Environment Corporation.

To improve internal forces

There are some industries that are still short of raw materials, especially small enterprises. The percentage of enterprises experiencing difficulties due to narrow export market is quite high. Due to weak financial potential and liquidity plus the Covid -19, many enterprises faced more difficulties in terms of capital. In addition, the decrease in export orders and difficulties in goods circulation, increasing transportation and storage costs when delivery time was prolonged are the biggest difficulties of majority enterprises.

Facing the challenges, Binh Duong business community still strived to maintain its operations, reproduced and entered a new stage with the belief that they would overcome difficulties. Despite the epidemic, Binh Duong timber export achieved 13% growth according to the target set. Enterprises have quickly applied digital technology to soon set up online sales system, helping actively seek markets and trade through e-commerce floors. Currently, to turn the table on them, many timber enterprises in the province are striving to find domestic raw materials to replace imported raw materials, in order to lower costs and increase competitiveness.

Besides, enterprises also keep pace with the development trend of the market. According to Luong Ngoc Quyen, Director of Kim Thanh A Company (Thuan An City), in the coming time besides maintaining markets of Europe, Japan, Korea, China etc. the company will continue to invest, improve production processes, research the market, and launch new lines to keep up with the development trend of timber industry. In parallel with retaining regular customers, the company will extend its target customers, from mid-range to high-end segments.

FDI enterprises have embarked on production and expansion of factories to welcome new orders. According to Kishino Yasuhiko, General Director of TomBow Vietnam Company (VSIP 1), the company is not affected too much by the epidemic, is still operating normally. The company strives to stabilize production and continue to grow in the future. Leaders of DS Vina Company said that the company completely overcame difficulties to keep pace with development. The company's sales in 2020 increased by about 1.5 times compared to 2019. The company has now completed the investment in machinery to develop production, welcome opportunities.

To form a foundation for a development

In order to create the most favorable conditions for business growth, Nguyen Hoang Thao, Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Provincial People's Committee, affirmed that the province continued to focus on objectives of socio-economic development and effective epidemic prevention control; recover growth and stimulate economic restructuring towards increasing the proportion of service sector, stabilizing industrial proportion, improving the quality of growth.

In particular, the province continues to improve the business investment environment, assist enterprises in overcoming difficulties and challenges; speed up the construction and disbursement of public investment capital, implementation of key projects, urban - service development and smart city construction. The province attaches much attention on developing human resources combined with science and technology, innovation, digital transformation to become the foundation for economic growth. At the same time, to strengthen administrative discipline, improve the efficiency of foreign affairs and international integration.

Currently, Binh Duong is actively preparing for the first science and technology industrial park, the formation of Binh Duong smart zone, expressing great aspirations in the development journey to find solutions of investment attraction, labor productivity, people's lives improvement...

In the immediate future, the province promotes the restructuring of the economy tied to the innovation of growth models, improving productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness in the new normal state. To encourage internal transformation of industrial production on the basis of application of technical advances and technological improvements; innovation, digital transformation and the achievements of the 4th industrial revolution. Currently, Binh Duong is adjusting the planning, continues to invest in infrastructure; speed up the establishment of high-tech industrial parks, specialized industries, and the formation of innovation zones.

Reported by Tieu My - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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