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To take advantage of each opportunity, make breakthrough for development

Update: 26-02-2021 | 16:00:30


Binh Duong continues to set high growth targets in 2021, focus on both stable socio-economic development and effective disease epidemic prevention control; recover growth and continue economic restructuring to increase the proportion of the service industry, stabilize the proportion of industrial production, carry out key projects, build smart city... Main task groups are expected to create a strong breakthrough in the province's socio-economic development right in the first year of tenure 2021-2025.

To ensure safety

Entering the year 2021, Binh Duong has had to deal with complicated developments of the COVID-19, with new cases in the community. However, thanks to experience in epidemic prevention control in 2020, the determination, the engagement of the synergy of the entire political system, the coronavirus was soon under good control.

Units and enterprises in the province work promptly and seriously right from the first working days after Lunar New Year holidays.

Accordingly, Provincial People's Committee requested heads of units to uphold the solidarity spirit, the highest effort in COVID-19 prevention and control. Provincial People's Committee also requested the units to implement 10 groups of key solutions, assure the highest safety; well implement the "Dual Objectives", drastically apply solutions for socio-economic development, national defense and security in the province.

The units and localities are strengthening leadership, direction and propagation to raise awareness of epidemic prevention control, absolutely not to underestimate the epidemic; continue to consolidate the new normal state. To manage people who come to live and work in the province, effectively prevent disease sources from entering the province. To proactively allocate resources and synchronously implement solutions on credit, finance, State budget, taxes, fees, charges etc. to promptly remove difficulties, support businesses and people, workers who lose their jobs or have considerable decreased income due to the COVID-19; restore production and business, especially in manufacturing, service, and tourism industries.

Nguyen Hoang Thao, Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of Provincial People's Committee, emphasized that the whole province focused on implementing solutions to boost economic growth in 2021, economic development combined with international integration and digital economy. Besides, to step up the disbursement of public investment capital, implement drastically right from first months of the year, regularly urge the implementation of key projects and works. To further reform, create more substantial changes in the investment and business environment, focus on the development of the private economy; cost-cutting research for businesses; improve management and administration of budget revenue and expenditure, effectively implement the “dual goals", ensuring to minimize negative effects of the pandemic on production and business activities, socio-economic development of the province aims in order to make a breakthrough right from first days, firsts month of 2021.

Be determined right from the beginning

Speaking at the first monthly meeting of 2021, Mr. Nguyen emphasized: “In 2020, in the face of many difficulties and challenges, Binh Duong achieved impressive and comprehensive results in all fields, which is a very important premise for the implementation of the annual plan, targets and tasks of 2021, creating a solid foundation for the province to develop rapidly and sustainably. In 2021, on the basis of properly identifying opportunities and challenges, clearly defining key tasks and breakthroughs, Binh Duong Party Committee, authorities and people need to implement these tasks right from beginning of the year with the highest determination”.

According to Mai Ba Truoc, Director of provincial Department of Planning and Investment, economic growth in 2021 would go with difficulties and challenges, but also great opportunities. Therefore, in 2021 Binh Duong will increase the mobilization and effective use of resources; speed up the formulation, approval of planning, implementation of key socio-economic infrastructure projects; strengthen regional links; promote the role of key economic regions and big urban areas; accelerate the construction of a new countryside. in order to assure the completion of the socio-economic development targets set for the first year of 2021- 2025 tenure. In particular, to maintain high economic growth, from 8.5 - 8.7%; it is expected that total investment capital for social development to be about VND 150,000 billion, up 12.3% compared to 2020, accounting for 34.7% of GRDP in 2021; foreign direct investment to reach over $1.8 billion...

With the determination to complete the 2021 targets, in the first 2 months of new year, units and localities actively carried out the assigned tasks. Heads of units are focusing on improving the efficiency of public investment capital through the comprehensive implementation of solutions to improve the quality of land clearance work, develop a plan for project implementation and disbursement of public investment capital, adjust bidding work to speed up project implementation from beginning of the year. The most visible are a series of key projects that have been speeding up; investment procedures and construction are accelerated, such as: North Tan Uyen - Phu Giao - Bau Bang Highway, Thu Bien - Dat Cuoc Highway, expansion of National Highway 13, a bridge connecting Tay Ninh province, Bach Dang 2 Bridge connecting with Dong Nai, An Binh road connecting with Song Than overpass; provincial roads DT743, DT747; Administrative Center of Bau Bang District, North Tan Uyen District; water drainage and wastewater treatment projects; innovation zone project and smart city; defense - security and rescue projects; project group of Provincial 1,500-sickbeds Hospital, Warzone D...

Reported by Ngoc Thanh - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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