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To visit, give gifts to rehabilitation center

Update: 30-06-2020 | 09:57:26

 In response to the All people join hands for Drug Prevention Day(June 26), on June 26, Provincial People's Committee organized a delegation to visit and give gifts to provincial Drug Rehab Center.

Currently, provincial Drug Rehab Center is attending 712 patients of compulsory and voluntary rehabilitation. Thanks to the attention of provincial People's Committee and branches, the center has done well the works of receiving, managing, detoxifying, psychological counseling... for patients. In addition to providing treatment for patients, the center also gives vocational training and job creation to enable patients to integrate into the community after detoxification program. 

On this occasion, Provincial People's Committee presented many gifts to the center and 10 students (total value of VND 50 million) to encourage learning and detoxification activities.

In the afternoon of the same day, the delegation continued to visit and give gifts (each gift worth 5 million VND) to 2 counseling and support centers for drug detoxification patients in An Thanh Ward (Thuan An City) and An Tay Commune (Ben Cat Town).

Reported by Nguyen Hau - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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