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Typical young cadres, civil servants and officials

Update: 14-10-2019 | 07:56:52

"Good young cadres, civil servants and employees" nationwide is a noble award of the Central Youth Union, aiming at rewarding and honoring union members and youths who are young cadres, civil servants and employees with outstanding achievements. In training, working, many initiatives have been applied in practice and well implemented the "3 responsibilities" movement. This year, Binh Duong was honored to have three outstanding cadres, civil servants and officials honored to receive this award.

* Ms. NGUYEN ANH THU, specialist in Industrial Management Department (Department of Industry and Trade): Initiative for public health

Regularly each year of work, Ms. Nguyen Anh Thu has initiatives and solutions that bring practical effects to agencies and units. This year, she has the initiative "Building review software, practicing the certification of food safety knowledge certification on computers and mobile phones". This initiative aims to make it easier for them to review before taking the test of food safety knowledge. At the same time, the software saves time and costs for people and businesses in training and training on food safety knowledge.

Previously, in 2018, with the initiative of "Building a guide for safe food use," she helped consumers to know how to choose safe foods, minimize food poisoning, and improve public health. Ms. Thu said: “The promotion of food safety communication contributes to timely information for people on food safety assurance, raising awareness of food producers, processors, traders and consumers; strengthening the role and responsibilities of state management agencies in food safety ”.

In addition, the initiative "Some solutions to improve the efficiency of state management of food safety and hygiene in Binh Duong province" (2017), "Solutions in organizing verification of food safety knowledge ”(2016),“ Solutions to shorten the time for processing administrative procedures on the certification of food advertising content ”(2015) are also initiatives that bring high efficiency in the work, help cadres, civil servants and officials to deal effectively with work and help businesses save time.

Not only being highly appreciated in her professional work, Ms. Thu used to be the outstanding young leader. Previously, when she was a Secretary of the Youth Union of the Department of Industry and Trade, she had a positive contribution to the Youth Union and Youth Union work. Over the past years, she has continuously received certificates of merit and certificates of merit from various levels and branches, for example: The title of Provincial Emulation Fighter in 2017 (Junior Emulation Fighter 2015, 2016, 2017); The 10th Delegation of Excellence Union cadre award in 2019; Certificate of Merit of the Provincial People's Committee awarded to individuals who successfully completed their tasks in 2016; Certificate of Merit of the Provincial People's Committee awarded to individuals who successfully complete the task in 2 consecutive years (2017-2018); the title of Advanced Youth following the 5th National Uncle's Word in 2018; Certificate of Merit of the Provincial Youth Union for individuals with outstanding achievements in Youth Union and Youth movement in 2016.

* Mr. TRAN THANH HUY, Specialist, Department of Operations - Estimation - Legislation (Binh Duong Tax Department): Effective initiatives for tax industry

Recently, the initiative: "Building a set of criteria for evaluating VAT refund dossiers (VAT)" of Mr. Tran Thanh Huy has helped improve the efficiency of legal evaluation in the province. The General Department of Taxation recognized the good level in 2018. Mr. Huy shared: “Taking ideas from the initiative to participate in the administrative procedure reform contest, the set of evaluation criteria over time is applied at the Business Department - Estimates - Legislation has shown effectiveness. In this initiative, the criteria in the set of criteria have been adjusted to accommodate the new tax policies in effect at the end of 2017. At the same time, the new initiative is to add a work flow map. evaluation of VAT refund dossiers; help cadres circulate from other departments and departments have quick reference documents on the process of document appraisal and have documents to help the system of documents and regulations related to VAT refund.

At the same time, he also has the initiative "Assessing the effectiveness and recommendations to improve the efficiency of internal control in VAT refund at the Department of Taxation" which was recognized by the General Department of Taxation to be fairly good in 2019. Talking about In this initiative, Mr. Huy said: “According to the summary report of tax work 2016-2018, the Provincial Tax Department receives and resolves over 3,000 VAT refund applications annually with the proposed tax refund of nearly VND 15 trillion. . In order to have strict control on the content, order and procedures of tax refund as well as each department and personnel handling tax refund dossiers in the organization, the building of a strong internal control system, aims to Improving the efficiency of tax refunds is essential. Therefore, the effect of this initiative is to build a process of document rotation and implementation of tax refund; at the same time provide a survey to assess the effectiveness of achieving tax refund management objectives as well as determining the effectiveness of the elements in the control system ... ”.

During his years of work, Mr. Tran Thanh Huy has received many awards and awards such as: Emulation Fighter Award in 2018, Advanced Labor in 2016, 2017 and many other certificates of merit.

* Lieutenant TRAN VAN Thong, criminal scout, Criminal Police Team (Police of Thuan An Town): Crime prevention is the first task

In 2011, after graduating, Senior Lieutenant Tran Van Thong returned to work at Thuan An Town Police Station. During nearly 10 years of working, he has always successfully completed all assigned tasks and achieved many remarkable achievements. In particular, he has initiatives that bring high efficiency in the work. Typically, he has advised the process of receiving people from the Police Investigation Agency of Thuan An Town to ensure the reception of people is effective and requires work, ensuring comments and information. The people's supply is checked and handled thoroughly. In addition, he has consulted to contribute ideas on reforming the process of taking testimonies of witnesses, knowledgeable people, persons with related rights and obligations in order to be most convenient, avoiding time consuming and ensuring full of necessary information for investigation activities in accordance with the law.

In addition, he also has initiatives in building a model to apply professional measures to manage criminal objects in the area in a scientific way, ensuring strict management, grasping all criminal activities. or violating the laws of the subjects under management to promptly handle and ensure security and order in the locality with the motto "Crime prevention is the first task".

During the years of work, Mr. Tran Van Thong has achieved the titles such as: The title of advanced soldier in 2012; Junior Emulation Fighter from 2013 to 2018; Emulation combatants of the full force in 2018; Outstanding Public Security Youth Award 2018. In addition, he received certificates of merit from the Ministry of Public Security for his outstanding achievements in the fight against crime, contributing to preserving political security and order. social security in 2016, 2017; Certificate of Merit from the Minister of Public Security for outstanding achievements in work and combat from 2015 to 2016, contributing to preserving political security and social order and safety; Certificate of Merit of the Provincial People's Committee for outstanding achievements in the Youth movement according to Uncle Ho period 2014-2016; Certificate of Merit of the Provincial People's Committee for outstanding achievements in the patriotic emulation movement period 2015-2017; with many certificates of merit and certificates of the Provincial Youth Union, Thuan An Town, Director of the Provincial Police.

Reported by Ngoc Nhu – Translated by Vi Bao

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