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Various measures implemented to accelerate major constructions

Update: 26-11-2020 | 10:48:41

November 24, Tran Van Nam, member of Central Committee of CPV cum Binh Duong provincial Party Committee Secretary and Head of Binh Duong provincial NA delegation had a survey and check-up of site clearance, compensation and construction of major works in the province as a chairman of the working session with leaders of departments and localities to propose measures for acceleration of the constructions.

Tran Van Nam (second from the right), member of Central Committee of CPV cum Binh Duong provincial Party Committee Secretary and Head of Binh Duong provincial NA delegation talks to leaders of departments and localities after surveying DT743 route. Photo: Quoc Chien

To accelerate progress

According to the reports of the units at the meeting the project to upgrade and expand DT743 route (the section from Ong Cu temple to Song Than intersection) , up to now, has a clearance length on the left side of the road through Di An city meeting 81.4% of the project and 72% at the side of  Thuan An city. On the right side of the section passing Di An city, the rate is at 44.4% and 84.3% in Thuan An city.  The length of the construction ground after the clearance and relocation of infrastructure on the left side of the route through Di An city is 92.9% and 80.5% in Thuan An city.  On the right of the section from Di An city and Thuan An city is at 100%.  However, in the work of compensation and clearance, localities and units are still facing some difficulties.

Reporting to Tran Van Nam and the working delegation at the working session, Nguyen Thanh Tam, Chairman of Thuan An city People’s Committee said: “Currently for the section passing through An Phu ward, we could only pay for compensation and offer VND 28.14 billion for 45 profiles including 11 cases of disagreement with compensation prices for land-use and assets. We are coordinating with Binh Duong provincial Center for Land Fund Development to resolve the obstacles mainly on compensation and clearance for road corridors. Through the talk, we are considering to resolve the problems and convince them to abide and then reporting to provincial People’s Committee for enforcing procedures.

Nguyen Hoang Vu, General Director of Becamex IDC the contractor of upgrading and expanding DT743 route, said: “We are making efforts to construct in the first hand to resolve problems during rainy season. It is required that the related units should at the soonest release the 550 traffic joint and Ong Cu temple, which is vital.” Vu added that the cross-over bridge for the time to come could only be constructed along with 2-side drainage system; thus Becamex IDC contractor is looking forward to having the site for construction.

As for the project of Bac Tan Uyen - Phu Giao - Bau Bang route, the compensation measure has been approved for resettlement and site clearance in 4 stages on over 546,000 square meters returned by 171 households and individuals. Total compensation stood at over VND 272.4 billion. Reporting on difficulties that the compensation for the project is facing, Doan Van Truong, Director of Binh Duong provincial Center for Land Fund Development, said: “By the time, the center has received 61 petitions mainly asking for increasing compensation prices of land-use and assets on the land, for compensation in the whole of housing and adjustment of land location.”

Doan Van Dong, Chairman of Phu Giao district People’s Committee informed that the district authority has been facing problems of allocation of settlement for locals.

Addressing the working session after checking on the progress of the projects, Tran Van Nam highly appreciated the implemented progress as well as efforts of the units through time. As for the project of upgrading and expanding DT743 route, Tran Van Nam stressed on complicated site clearance for the projects but the tasks have been done well. Regarding the compensation tasks, Nam asked the units to review and promote the progress with consideration for all aspects and specific matters in accordance with laws and avoidance of returned lawsuits the reviews are mainly on mobilization. As for installation, it is required that the progress should be proactively boosted with focus on electricity infrastructure, optic fiber wires with close coordination with power companies to ensure thorough connection by Tet Holiday. 

As for the project of Bac Tan Uyen - Phu Giao - Bau Bang route, Tran Van Nam demanded leaders of Phu Giao district and Bau Bang district should promote the site clearance and compensation. The settlement should be fulfilled before Tet Holiday with progress of Q2 of 2021 should be maintained for construction start by responsibility of the leaders as required. Revisions should be made against households of resettlement with rapid implementation of procedures for reception of resettlement sites for settling down. The units are asked to foster close coordination with calculations for corridor allocation for green trees and lighting system. Tran Van Nam stressed that the project, upon completion, should be an opportunity and momentum for Phu Giao and Bau Bang to be developed.

The project of Tan Uyen - Phu Giao - Bau Bang route helps connect to Bac Tan Uyen, Phu Giao, Bau Bang of the province to Dong Phu district of Binh Phuoc province. The route is to service traffic and transportation of locals and enterprises, contributing to socio-economic development of the 3 districts and the province in general.

To ensure plan fulfillment

The project of Thu Bien - Dat Cuoc route of stage 1 has been fulfilled by nearly 50% to construct 4-lane highway at the cost of over VND 265.9 billion. Project implementation is to fulfill Vanh Dai 4, contributing to socio-economic development of Binh Duong in particular and the major economic zone of the South in general. Evaluating the project implementation, Tran Van Nam stressed that the project has been well done and he called for units to consider the joints of routes later on with consideration for green trees along the routes that ensure scenery and landscapes for future tourism. Tran Van Nam suggested that contractors and units should consider and ensure stability and sustainability.

As for the project of D Warbase monument, Tran Van Nam affirmed the wishes of all-time provincial leaders and their determination for a permanent monument. The project is not only to preserve the historical site but to develop tourism. He extended the wishes that the monument would be fulfilled at the time of inauguration. Nguyen Chi Duc, Director of Binh Duong provincial Authority of Project and Construction Management said: “By the time, the project is left with the monument core and foundation with postponed additional constructions which would be finished by the time of artistic fulfillment of the monument. It is expected that in the next 600 days, the project shall be fulfilled and put into use.”

Reported by Phuong Le - Translated by Vi Bao

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