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VSIP Trade Union takes care and to protect legal rights of employees

Update: 23-01-2021 | 16:52:51

"To collaborate with VSIP Management Board to monitor and implement policies and laws directly related to employees and trade union. To take care and to protect legal rights of employees. To strengthen social activities of trade unions at all levels; focus on propaganda, political education, ideology education, and law dissemination for workers". are directions for the year 2021 proposed by VSIP Trade Union at the meeting to summarize activities in 2020, on January 20.

The VSIP Trade Union currently manages 374 grassroots unions with more than 142,000 members. In 2020, VSIP Trade Union performed well its task of representing and protecting legal and legitimate rights and interests of members and employees. 100% enterprises had grassroots trade unions and developed labor regulations; 100% grassroots trade unions organized monthly and quarterly dialogues, meetings at their enterprise.

On this occasion, VSIP Trade Union awarded 60 gifts, each with VND500,000 cash and gifts from sponsors, to workers who suffered from serious occupational accidents (photo).

* On January 20, Trade Union of Ben Cat Industrial Park also summarized the work of Party building, workers’ movement and union activities in 2020.

In 2020, trade unions at all levels promoted the role of representing and protecting legitimate and legitimate interests of trade union members and employees. In addition, the unions successfully organized a bus trip to bring more than 600 union members to their hometown to welcome Tet, and gave gifts to more than 1,000 poor workers at lodging houses; cultural and art, sports activities were held and attracted the participation of thousands of workers, creating a joyful, exciting atmosphere among workers.
On this occasion, Provincial Labor Confederation, Trade Union of Ben Cat Industrial Park awarded certificates of merit to many collectives and individuals with excellent accomplishments in the movement of good labor emulation and building a strong trade union organization 2020.

Reported by T.Thao, T.Hieu – Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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