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Legal Updates

On the morning of June 5, the Department of Home Affairs and Binh Duong provincial Religious Committee coordinated to organize a conference to implement Government

On April 13 and 14, at Binh Duong Provincial Political School, the Provincial Notary Association in collaboration with Provincial Department of Justice organized a notary professional training class in 2024

The Government has issued plans and lists of tasks to build documents guiding the implementation of the newly-approved Law on Real Estate Business and Law on Housing

The newly approved Land Law, Housing Law, and Law on Real Estate Business, which will take effect from 2025, are expected to create more favourable conditions

The amended Land Law which was passed at the 15th National Assembly’s fifth extraordinary session in mid-January is expected to provide a firm legal framework

On January 4, the Provincial National Assembly delegation held a conference to collect opinions on the draft Land Law (amended).

With 433 out of the 472 participating deputies saying “yes”, the National Assembly (NA) approved the Housing Law (amended)

The Ministry of Finance has issued a new circular which aims to improve stock market transparency in Vietnam.

The Government has issued a decree amending and supplementing a number of articles of its Decree No. 152 dated 2020 stipulating regulations for foreigners

Policies on higher pensions, social insurance benefits and monthly allowances, and e-visa extension shall come into effect from August 2023.

The Ministry of Transport has issued a document on reviewing and amending circulars related to air transport

The Ministry of Science and Technology shall be authorized to grant certificates of technology transfer for technologies

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