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10-year achievements of cultural development strategy

Update: 06-11-2019 | 12:04:28

After 10 years of implementing a strategy for cultural development in the 2010-2020 period, Tan Uyen town has reached positive changes. The local people’s awareness of cultural lifestyle construction has been improved and their lives have got better…

Good land with changes

Tan Uyen town has gained many positive changes. Laborers have rushed to the town’s Khanh Binh, Hoi Nghia…to set themselves up in business. This has made these areas got animatedly. All 12 administrative units of the town, including 6 wards and 6 communes, have focused on building cultural lifestyle in residential areas with many movements implemented in a synchronous way with high consensus from people.

Visitors at Bach Dang pomelo orchard in Tan Uyen town

The town has also well realized fields in terms of health, education, culture and sports. In addition, the town has perfected solutions on employment development; realized preferential policies for revolutionary contributors, poor people; took measures on ensuring the implementation of religious and ethnic policies under the law…All have contributed to stabilizing the lives of the local people.

Considerable results

Dinh Quoc Phu, Head of Tan Uyen town’s Division of Culture and Information, after 10 years of realizing the PM’s Decision No.581/QD-TTg dated May 6, 2009 on approval of the strategy for cultural development till 2020, the district has obtained remarkable achievements.

Over the past time, the town’s People’s Committee promoted many tourism-cultural and sports activities. The local sector of culture actively disseminated the strategy; had close coordination with agencies, sectors, especially in the realization of movements and campaigns, including the movement of “All people consolidate to build cultural lifestyle”. The campaign of “The entire people consolidate to build civilized urban and new-style rural areas”, the national program on new-style rural area building…created positive changes in awareness of officials, Party members, civil servants and people about the role and significance of building cultural lifestyle in new-style rural area construction more sufficiently and deeply.

The town’s art-cultural activities over the past time took place very animatedly in both depth and width. The town’s cultural development was also implemented in a synchronous way with good effects. The town organized a lot of art-cultural competitions and festivals while propagandizing and mobilizing people to realize cultural and civilized lifestyle.

The whole district is home to 71 groups with more than 900 members and 6,000 households getting involved in the model of “Self-management group on environmental protection” with green, clean, nice and light criteria. So far, the district has also built a cultural park with outdoor sports equipment for people; organized grassroots-level cultural, sports activities, upholding the function of the local cultural-sports institutions; especially maintained the organization of the annual “Huong buoi Bach Dang” (Fragrance of Bach Dang pomelo) festival with many interesting activities to absorb more visitors, greatly contributing to popularizing the image of the local land and people.

In the 2014-2018 period, the town constructed 4 town and ward-level cultural-sports centers with a total expense of around VND39.2billion from State budget and around VND4.5billion from socialization. The town also regularly checked the real situation of the local relics, including 1 national-level relic and 9 provincial-level relics) for upgrading…

Such these apart, the town strengthened socialization of investment for cultural institutions at cultural-information, community-based learning centers, aiming to create favorable conditions for the local people to enhance their demand for enjoying culture and improve their health for a better life.

Reported by Quynh Nhu-Translated by K.T

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