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A happy and peaceful Tet for workers

Update: 06-01-2017 | 14:11:24

Tet is a chance for families to gather after one year of work and dedication. Workers in Binh Duong always receive attention and support from the local authorities at all levels on this occasion. And the “Tet sum vay” (Gathering in Tet holiday) program promises to bring them a happy and peaceful Tet with impressive activities.

Bui Thanh Nhan, President of provincial Labor Union said that the “Tet sum vay” program 2017 of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor (VGCL) will be organized in Binh Duong. Accordingly, the province is expected to take place at Ben Cat town-based My Phuoc Theater at 18:30 pm of January 19, 2017. This year, it promises to bring a happy, warm and joyful Tet to workers.

Bui Thanh Nhan, President of provincial Labor Union presenting gifts to workers with extremely difficult circumstances

The program is expected to absorb 2,200 workers at province-based industrial parks. Especially, it only gives priority for needy and away-from-home workers who are presented Tet gifts and bus tickets from the Trade Union. Provincial Labor Union will also give free Tet bus tickets for 3,000 outstanding employees and those with extremely difficult circumstances.

The two-hour program consists of an art exchange between workers and famous singers; a lucky draw with attractive gifts like motorbikes, televisions…Besides, the organizers will present mementoes to outstanding enterprise in the task of taking care employees. Provincial leaders will also extend Tet greetings and offer gifts to needy workers…

Following the program, a series of “Tet sum vay” events for workers who stay in Binh Duong for Tet will be also organized from January 14 to February 5, 2017. Provincial Labor Union will coordinate with the VGCL, provincial leaders to organize delegations to visit, extend Tet greetings and present gifts to away-from-home workers who are not able to return home for Tet or those hit by workplace accidents. Moreover, provincial Labor Union will team up with provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to instruct relevant units to organize 20 musical nights before, during and after Tet while mobilizing enterprises to take care of workers’ spiritual and material lives on Tet.

In addition to the “Tet sum vay” program, provincial Trade Unions at all levels have focused on organizing numerous activities to take care of the spiritual and material lives of workers, especially ones with difficult circumstances, living away from home or hit by labor accidents on the upcoming Tet festival.

“So far, the province’s preparatory steps for the “Tet sum vay” program 2017 have been finished. Provincial Trade Unions at all levels have actively disseminated the program among workers across the province; paid attention to taking care of workers at enterprises stopping operation or facing difficulties in production-business in order to ensure all needy workers to enjoy Tet…”, added Mr.Nhan.

Reported by Kim Ha-Translated by K.T

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