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Ben Cat: Fatherland front task intensively aims at grassroots, reaching positive results

Update: 06-08-2020 | 14:55:23

Early August 5, Ben Cat town’s Fatherland Front Committee (FFC) held a conference to partially review its joint action programs in the first half of 2020, in attendance of Nguyen Huynh Dinh, Vice-Chairman of provincial FFC.

In the first half of 2020, the district’s FFCs at all levels coordinated with sectors, mass organizations to promote grassroots-level propaganda activities; mobilize people to get involved in patriotic emulation movements, especially speed up propaganda on Covid-19 prevention and control while mobilizing resources to support this task…

The conferenced also negotiated and nominated 7 individuals as members of the Executive Board of the town’s FFC for the 2019-2024 tenure.

Reported by Trung Hieu-Translated by K.T

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