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Breakthrough in trade-service development

Update: 14-09-2020 | 11:36:43

With its existing advantages, Thuan An city has made efforts in carrying out strategic orientations in order to become a trade-service hub in line with the local development scale.

Investment attraction promoted

With a favorable position interfering between two industrial centers of the southeastern region HCM city and Binh Duong province, Thuan An city has well done its role in regional connectivity as a motivation for the development in the southern region of the province. The city has affirmed the scale of an urban area holding the province’s important position in terms of economy, culture, services…Along with strong development in industrial production, it is aiming at becoming a service city of the province.

Thuan An city has continued perfecting the local infrastructure system, absorbing hi-quality services in line with the local development scale. In picture: The way to VSIP 1

The city’s 12th Party congress for the 2020-2025 tenure continued setting a target of developing Thuan An into a first-class city by 2015 with focus on promoting services to tap its advantages at a maximum level, speed up the local urban construction in line with the common development space of the region. All aim to create the premise for the city to become a service urban center in association with perfecting infrastructure facilities, protecting and improving the environment, enhancing the quality of people’s life.

According to Nguyen Thanh Tam, Chairman of Thuan An city’s People’s Committee, the city will bend on well tapping the local advantages for service development so that this field will become a motivation for other industries, contributing to the local socio-economic development. In the 2020-2025 tenure, the city will also put focus on concrete tasks, including rechecking the adjustment of the local overall development plan to 2030, vision to 2040. It is expected that the city will fulfill the adjustment of the local plan on land use, prioritize public investment capital for major works in association the roadmap of upgrading criteria of the first-class city. The city will also create favorable conditions for investors to work effectively, improving the quality of people’s life…

In fact, many great trademarks, namely Lotte Mart, Aeon, Metro, Nguyen Kim…are present in the city. This shows that the city’s potential for trade-service is very great. If the city’s planning work is realized well, the city will enjoy huge opportunities in absorbing economic sectors, promoting the local sustainable development.

Tapping advantages along Saigon river

Mr.Tam said that the city has planned to develop the local area along Saigon river into a general trade-service center. This will be the local highlight in the shift of economic structure towards trade-service development, thereby contributing to promoting the local ecotourism as well as the waterway tourism of the southeastern region.

He added that the city is considering traffic infrastructure investment along Saigon river having a synchronous connectivity with Binh Duong Avenue in order to tap the local advantages in waterway tourism. The city will also map out a plan on restoring Lai Thieu orchards, organize festivals to lure more domestic and foreign tourists…It is hoped that with the above sound orientations, the city’s trade-service sector will reach vigorous development. The city’s area along Saigon river will become a great hub for entertainment, shopping…

Reported by Tieu My-Translated by K.T

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