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Campaign of “Building family with 5 No-s, 3 Clean-s” promoted

Update: 29-06-2020 | 17:14:51

Over the past time, provincial Women’s Unions at all levels boosted a task of propagandizing and mobilizing officials, members and women in building up “well-off, advanced, happy and civilized” families.

They put focus on the campaign of “Building up families with 5 No-s, 3 Clean-s” in association with the emulation movement of “Women actively study, creatively work, build up happy families”, the campaign of “Training 4 moral virtues: Self-confidence, self-respect, loyalty-responsibility”…

Since 2005, they have organized 66 training courses on the contents of the campaigns “Building family with 5 No-s, 3 Clean-s”, “Women joining hands in new-style rural construction”…, significantly contributing to the movement of “All people consolidate to building cultural lifestyle”.

Reported by Cam Ly-Translated by K.T

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