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Change from then autumn…

Update: 16-09-2020 | 10:34:59

With a major strategy, next to Saigon, then Thu Dau Mot became one of major points for central instructions to promote the establishment of Party cells in order to lead the local revolutionary movements. Under the leadership of the first Party cells, revolutionary movements flourished over pre-uprising periods. And when President Ho Chi Minh sent a letter to call for a national general uprising: “This hour is a decisive one for our nation's destiny. Let us all stand up and fight tenaciously for our own liberation”, people in Thu Dau Mot rose up for a historical change in August 75 years ago and entered the new era together with the whole country.

Together with the whole country, the Party and people of Thu Dau Mot rose up in the great August Revolution 75 years ago.

The Party cell of Di An depot (now in Di An city’s Di An ward) was established in January 1930. This was one of the first Party cells of the southern region.

Along with the Party cell of Di An depot, the Party cell of Binh Nham, which was set up in August 1930, opportunely met the urgent needs of the local revolutionary movements.

Thu Dau Mot’s pioneer youth force was established in May 1945 with strong development. In picture: Tan An communal house, a shelter of revolutionary soldiers in order to prepare for the August General Uprising.

On the evening of August 23, 1945, TDM provincial Party Committee convened its open session at Bung Cau market (now in Thu Cau Mot city’s Hiep An ward), deciding to move the local headquarters to Lo Chen three-way crossroads, Chanh Nghia in order to enjoy advantages in the instruction of the uprising to seize the local government.

Van Cong Khai, Secretary of Thu Dau Mot provincial Party Committee cum Head of the provincial Uprising Commission, on August 25, 1945, delivered a speech: “From now, we eliminated the government by Japan, setting up the government of the working class, peasantry …” at Phu Cuong working house.

Upholding the spirit of August Revolution, over the past 75 years, together with the whole country, the Party, army and people of Thu Dau Mot-Song Be-Binh Duong waged protracted resistance wars against the French colonialism and American  imperialism and completely triumphed over the two struggles; forwarded the “renewal” process, reaching solid paces on the way of industrialization, modernization and international integration.

From Song Than industrial park…

…Binh Duong has so far had a total of 29 industrial parks in operation, absorbing more and more hi-tech projects

The province’s hi-quality services are also on sharp growth

The province’s trade sector has got thriving with the birth of modern shopping centers

With great achievements after more than 30 years of realizing the “renewal” process, especially after more than 20 years of construction and development, Binh Duong is making efforts toward a smart city…

Reported by T.Son-Q.Chien-Translated by K.T

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