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City Women’s Union actively gets involved in environmental protection

Update: 28-11-2019 | 11:13:04

Thu Dau Mot city’s Women’s Union has just held 6 shows on propaganda of wastewater treatment system installation and guided how to get loans for this in 6 wards, namely Chanh Nghia, Phu Loi, Phu Hoa, Hiep Thanh, Phu Cuong, Phu Tho, with the participation of more than 600 members.

In addition, the city’s Women’s Union has also teamed up with Thu Dau Mot University to make dissemination of information about the harmfulness of plastic waste for people’s health and environment; propagandize how to prevent and minimize impacts from climate change on people’s lives; organized a program “exchanging waste for gifts”…

Reported by Xuan Vi-Translated by K.T

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