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Dau Tieng focuses on improving quality of agricultural products

Update: 23-09-2020 | 11:24:13

Over the past time, Dau Tieng district took solutions to enhance the quality and value of the local agricultural products. This not only encouraged farmers to get access to sci-tech advancements, forming up modern production thoughts among them, but also contributed to creating a stable consumption market for agricultural products, promoting the local sustainable agricultural production.

Sci-tech application

Dau Tieng district has attached special importance to sci-tech application into agricultural production in three recent years. The district has formed up many agricultural production models and areas with sci-tech application for better development.

Hi-tech agricultural models are always promoted by Dau Tieng district

Fruit trees like oranges, tangerines, green-skin pomelos and mangosteens in communes of Thanh An, Thanh Tuyen, Long Hoa and Minh Thanh are grown under VietGAP standards with quality ensured. The district has also attached special importance to building up the “Dau Tieng mangosteen” collective trademark from 2016 in mangosteen orchards with high quality in communes of Thanh Tuyen and Thanh An with the cooperative model between the State-gardeners and businesses under VietGAP standards.

Along with mangosteens, many other agricultural products were invested towards improving production effectiveness over the past time. The district also concentrated on making restructuring of agricultural sector in the trend of upholding the local advantages towards sustainable development, bringing hi-economic efficiency.

Clean agricultural development

As planned, Dau Tieng district will develop 1-2 hi-tech agricultural complexes in communes of Long Tan and Minh Tan. The district will also strengthen sci-tech application in agricultural production through agricultural, industrial promotion programs and sci-tech transfer ones in order to raise the quality and value of products for better competitiveness.

The district has so far attracted several businesses in clean agricultural production. The local farmers have also got involved in some hi-tech models, namely those of growing ornamental creatures, mushrooms, herb plants, rock melons…In addition, the district has encouraged businesses, agricultural cooperatives to apply agricultural models with sci-tech application. Many businesses and units have been vanguard in developing the local hi-quality agricultural production. Noticeably, Dau Tieng One-Member Rubber Co.Ltd. and U&I Agricultural Joint Stock Company have set up a venture for the development of the project on growing bananas by tissue culture techniques in Thanh An commune with 117 hectares in total. The local farmers have also got involved in hi-tech agricultural production with around 27 hectares. Whilst, 3F Viet Food Company has built a poultry slaughtering factory towards automation in association with environmental protection in An Lap commune’s Kien An hamlet…

Moreover, the district has actively promoted the program of “One commune, One product” (OCCP) and defined that the program will help uphold the local key products,  forming up production value chains, increasing income for locals in restructuring of agriculture, thereby contributing to the local new-style rural construction.

Tran Quang Tuyen, Vice-Chairman of Dau Tieng district’s People’s Committee said that the district is making a project on the model of developing some agricultural products with three-star OCOP standards. Accordingly, four products, including Minh Khai “linh chi” mushroom glue, An Lap rock melon, Minh Hoa honey and Thanh Tuyen mangosteen, will take part in the project. The district is also upgrading its traffic infrastructure system, facilitating the local agricultural development.

Reported by Ngoc Thanh-Translated by K.T

Dau Tieng
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