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Dau Tieng’s basic construction, lever for socio-economic development

Update: 11-09-2019 | 14:06:29

Previously, Dau Tieng was an agricultural land with poor material facilities and people’s lives facing difficulties. But with the efforts by the local Party, government and people, the district has so far reached comprehensive development.

Over VND3trillion spent on basic construction

During the past 20 years, Dau Tieng district spent more than VND3trillion on socio-economic infrastructure works. The whole district now has a lot of 60 urban streets with 59.11 km; 31 suburban streets with 170.62km; 607 rural streets with 650.8km. Since early this year, the district has continued carrying out many traffic works, namely those of upgrading the way in frond of the district’s Party Committee and People’s Committee to August Revolution street with more than 230 meters; Minh Hoa crossroads of 130m with total investment of more than VND60billion…

Minh Hoa crossroads in Dau Tieng district’s Minh Hoa commune is under construction

Over the past years, the district carried out many noticeable traffic works, including DT744 street connecting Dau Tieng with TDM city. The work has contributed to the local trading-services and tourism development. Especially, Thanh Tuyen commune is a place with strong growth in terms of mangosteens in association with the local ecotourism development orientation.

Great contributions to common achievements

The whole district is now home to 3 out of 4 high schools, 8 out of 9 secondary schools, 16 out of 18 primary schools and 10 out of 20 preschools meeting standards on material facilities.

Along with this, the district’s administrative agencies at all levels have received comprehensive and modern investment, well ensuring people’s demand. 100% of communes and Dau Tieng township have been invested with modern and specious one-door sections.

Tran Quang Tuyen, Vice-Chairman of Dau Tieng district’s People’s Committee affirmed that over the past years, the district’s basic construction was implemented under the instruction of the province with focus on key works. Together with the local Party, government, people’s participation in the local basic construction was very vital.

Possibly speaking, well realizing basic construction has significantly contributed to the local socio-economic development. So far, the local people’s average income per capita has reached nearly VND60million per year. The rate of the local poor households under the province’s poverty line has decreased to 0.59%.

It is known that Dau Tieng is the province’s first new-style rural district. The district now has 2 communes basically fulfilling all 19 advanced criteria on new-style rural construction. It is expected that the district will get more than 50% of communes to be recognized as advanced new-style rural ones by the end of 2020.

Reported by Hong Nga-Translated by K.T

Dau Tieng
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