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Development from the tradition

Update: 12-07-2020 | 11:36:24

Upholding the tradition of the heroic D War Zone, North Tan Uyen town’s Party, government and people in the 2015-2020 tenure have flexibly applied central and provincial policies in line with the local real situation; effectively tapped the local advantages and resources, creating consensus in the society, making efforts in realizing the set targets. The district’s 12th Party congress for the 2020-2025 tenure is a major political event to comprehensively assess the results of realizing the Resolution of the 2015-2020 tenure and set targets, tasks in order to further promote the local sustainable development.

The overview of  the opening session of the 12th North Tan Uyen district’s Party congress for the 2020-2025 tenure

The district has reached rapid growth in industrial manufacture…

In the last tenure, North Tan Uyen district effectively realized breakthrough programs, building up a more and more synchronous infrastructure system

The district has focused on hi-tech agricultural production, forming up specialized areas on growing citrus fruit trees

The district has paid attention to socio-cultural fields, well ensuring the local social welfare

Upholding revolutionary traditions along with achievements done in the last tenure will be a great motivation for North Tan Uyen district’s Party, government and people to victoriously realize targets, tasks in the new tenure.

North Tan Uyen district has the potential for ecotourism development

Reported by Quoc Chien-Translated by K.T

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