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Diverse sports activities

Update: 09-10-2019 | 15:54:54

Over the past nine months, provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism successfully hosted many international and national tournaments, namely the 9th open Binh Duong Women’s Cycling Tournament-Biwase Cup 2019, the Binh Duong International Three-Cushion Carom Billiards Tournament-Becamex IJC-Number One Cup 2019; the Southeast Asia U18 Football Tournament…

The department also sent the province’s sports delegations to 74 international, national and regional tournaments. They excellently won 212 various medals, including 106 gold medals, 101 silver medals and 150 bronze medals.

In addition, the department instructed provincial Sports Training and Competition Center to organize 8 provincial-level sports tournaments; summer sports festivals with 6 events: basketball, badminton, table tennis, Karatedo, Taekwondo, petanque for the local pupils…

Reported by Thien Ly-Translated by K.T

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