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E-learning get pupils and parents ‘support

Update: 24-02-2021 | 12:50:22

Pupils at province-based primary schools will continue taking online learning to ensure Covid-19 prevention and control while secondary and high-school pupils went back to school on February 22. The e- learning method helps pupils being proactive in learning and keep up with the curriculum.

Online teaching by many forms

According to the instruction of provincial Department of Education and Training, the Divisions of Education-Training in the province have guided primary schools to organizee training courses on online teaching for teachers in all subjects.

E-learning has upheld its positive efficiency during the current period

Trinh Quang Them, Deputy Head of Phu Giao district’s Education-Training said that the sector has guided primary schools to strengthen online teaching forms for pupils during the break time for Covid-19 prevention, control. Teachers have also researched online teaching methods from their competent colleagues via internet or TV in order to get more experience in order to help pupils easily acquire their lessons.

From the instruction of the sector, province-based primary schools have kept close watch on teachers ‘online teaching for timely support. Under the online teaching model, teachers have delivered home assignments for pupils via many forms to consolidate their newly obtained knowledge. They have also frequently guided, checked and answered pupils ‘questions with the motto of “Pupils stop going to school, but not stop learning”.

Nguyen Du primary school in TDM city has also encouraged teachers to use the video conference app Zoom for online teaching. In addition, parents can guide their children to study via video clips collected by teachers on the school’s website. The city’s Division of Education-Training has also made use of the video database from schools, helping teachers well realize their online teaching.

Parents accompanying children

E-learning is upholding its positive effeciency, helping pupils be proactive in their learning during the break time for Covid-19 prevention. But, parents also need to accompany their children in e-learning for better results.

Noticeably, province-based schools using the video conference app Zoom for online teaching have considered and organized online sessions in the evening so that parents can give support for their children’s learning. For lessons implemented by video clips, parents can download them and then guide their children to study at any time.

Binh Duong is a locality with a large number of pupils who are the offspring of immigrant laborers. For immigrant pupils who can not afford to take part in online classes, schools will implement support solutions for them. In Tan Uyen town alone, 30% of immigrant pupils have not gone back to Binh Duong for learning yet. According to leaders of the town’s Division of Education-Training, schools will organize extra-classes for these pupils in the afternoon so that they can keep up with the curriculum.

Reported by Anh Sang-Translated by K.T

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