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Effectiveness from civilized urban lifestyle construction

Update: 09-09-2019 | 11:25:48

Over the past years, Thuan An town concentrated on urban development and construction with focus on civilized urban lifestyle construction. The town is striving to become a second-class city by 2020.

Actively implementing models

In 2017, Thuan An town’s Division of Natural Resources and Environment (DoNRE) coordinated with the town’s Fatherland Front Committee, the People’s Committees of communes, wards to implement a “quarter without waste” model and selected An Phu ward’s quarter 3, Binh Chuan ward’s Binh Quoi quarter B and Lai Thieu ward’s Nguyen Trai quarter for the implementation of the model.

Over the past time, Thuan An town attached special importance to civilized urban lifestyle construction. In picture: Lai Thieu park in Thuan An town’s Lai Thieu ward

The model continued being promoted among other localities in the town last year. Representative of the town’s DoNRE said that after 2 years of implementing the model, the local people’s awareness of environmental protection has been raised very obviously.

Besides, the town’s Youth Union has organized some volunteer activities for a green-clean and beautiful environment. Particularly, 48 wastebaskets were equipped in public places, at model lodging sub-unions. The town’s Youth Union also engaged in environmental protection activities, including “Voluntary Saturday” and “Green Sunday” campaigns, “For a green city” youth works…Especially, the town’s Women’s Union set up a volunteer club for green-clean and beautiful environment with many significant activities…

With the above results, the town’s People’s Committee, on February 27, 2019, issued the Decision No.1278/QD-UBND on recognizing Binh Chuan ward’s Binh Quoi B quarter as a quarter without waste in 2018 plus VND20million in bonus. In 2019, the town has continued maintaining the “quarter without waste” model in Binh Quoi B ward and 4 other quarters. The model has also been replicated in 8 quarters, hamlets, namely Hoa Lan 2 in Thuan Giao ward, 1A in An Phu ward, Binh Quoi Á in Binh Chuan ward, Thanh Hoa A in An Thanh ward, Dong An in In Binh Hoa ward, Binh Thuan in Binh Nham ward, Tay in Vinh Phu ward and An My in An Son commune.

The “Civilized urban street” model has also been carried out on 3 streets, namely August Revolution, Nguyen Van Tiet and Nguyen Trai. In addition, the town’s Division of Culture and Information has teamed up with the People’s Committees of Lai Thieu ward and Hung Dinh ward to eradicate illegal advertising boards on streets of 12 quarters; set up clubs that are responsible for eradicating illegal advertising boards…

Such these apart, the town’s mass organization have made dissemination of information about building civilized urban streets via such many practical models as the model on “youths taking part in civilized urban lifestyle construction” of the town’s Youth Union, the “15-minute action for 365 days to live healthily” model of the town’s Women’s Union…

2020-civilized urban and cultural year

Truong Cong Thanh, Deputy Head of the town’s Division of Economics said that under the instruction of the town’s People’s Committee, the town, on August 25, 2017, the unit set up the Plan No.394/KH-KT on development of civilized markets for the 2017-2018 period. So far, the unit has held 5 meetings on implementation of the plan among the People’s Committees of communes, wards and small traders. The town will strive to have all 14 markets registering for the implementation of civilized market development.

Mr.Thach added that during the past two years, the town spent more than VND64.8trillion on upgrading street pavements, planting green trees, improving lighting systems, upgrading 15 streets…

In the coming time, the town will continue thoroughly grasping the local Party Committee’s Directive No.23-CT/TU dated March 10, 2017 on enhancing leadership capacity in civilized urban construction. Accordingly, the town will implement the civilized urban, cultural year in 2020. The town’s Fatherland Front Committee and other mass organizations will continue improving propaganda work by many forms; disseminate of information about civilized urban construction…

The town will also continue implementing and maintaining pilot models on civilized urban construction; attach special importance to calling for Youth Union members and people to take part in civilized urban lifestyle construction models, namely volunteer clubs for green-clean-nice environment, “Green Sunday” and “Voluntary Saturday” campaigns…The town will strive to get 4 wards and 3 streets ( including Nguyen Trai, Nguyen Van Tiet, August Revolution) meeting civilized urban standards; 13 quarters, hamlets without waste and 1 civilized market.

Reported by Phuong Le-Translated by K.T

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