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Enriching themselves, beautifying homeland

Update: 15-09-2020 | 11:20:30

Provincial Farmers ‘Association has just organized a conference to honor 170 outstanding individuals. They are typical examples in enriching themselves and making homeland get more thriving.

From emulation movements

Do Ngoc Huy, Chairman of provincial Farmers ‘Association said that over the past five years, the association focused on disseminating the Party’s guidelines, the State’s policies and laws, the Poliburo’s Directive No.34 on “Further improving emulation and reward work”; actively responded to the campaigns by Vietnam Farmers ‘Association and the province, especially movements in good production-business, civilized urban and new-style rural construction…The whole province now has a total of 132,378 farmers getting “good farmer” titles at all levels. Provincial Farmers ‘Associations at all levels also mobilized more than VND67.44billion for the local Support Fund for Farmers; considered and provided loans for 3,437 farmers to develop 284 projects on cultivation and animal husbandry; set up 284 cooperative groups, loan support groups…

Mai Hung Dung, member of provincial Party Standing Committee, Permanent Vice-Chairman of provincial People’s Committee awards the certificates of merit to outstanding collectives

The province’s total area for urban agriculture has reached more than 150 hectares, up 15% compared to 2016. There are also more than 5,300 hectares of farming land with hi-tech application, 3 times higher than that of 2016. The whole province now has 75 farms on growing citrus fruit trees, rock melons and vegetables of 470 hectares with VietGAP certificates, together with around 600 hectares of land for organic cultivation, including 250 hectares of citrus fruit trees, 25 hectares of vegetables, 260 hectares of other fruit trees…

All the movements were the motivation for farmers to fulfill the set targets, tasks over the past time, contributing to promoting the local cause of industrialization and modernization. In the coming time, provincial Farmers ‘Association will further bring into full play its crucial role in new-style rural construction by practical deeds with focus on improving the spiritual and material lives of farmers.

Being proud of typical examples

Pham Quoc Liem, General Director of U&I Agricultural Joint Stock Company is one of the province’s pioneers in making hi-tech application in agricultural production. He has also helped farmers obviously know about the importance of the linkage in production coherence and consumption for agricultural products, thereby actively taking part in cooperatives. The whole province has set up 48 agricultural cooperatives towards safe production, creating valuable products, bringing members high income. The operations of the agricultural cooperatives have generated the rebound for the local collective economy.

Some typical models from the local farmers include the model of growing and selling breeding pomelos from Nguyen Huu Van in Phu Giao district’s Vinh Hoa commune; the model of breeding swallows and purchasing rubber latex from Vu Thi Tuat in Dau Tieng district’s Minh Tan commune; the model of growing green-skin pomelos from Nguyen Thanh Thuy in Bau Bang district’s Long Nguyen commune; the model of growing orchids and supplying flower arrangement services from Nguyen Hong Dieu in Ben Cat town’s Chanh Phu Hoa ward; the model of growing “linh chi”, oyster mushrooms from Le Van Hon in Tan Uyen town’s Tan Hiep ward; the model of growing oranges, tangerines from Lam Thanh Thuong in North Tan Uyen district’s Hieu Liem commune…

Along with support in terms of capital and science-technology, provincial Farmers ‘Association has also signed and implemented a joint program with Mam Xanh Fertilizer Company, Binh Duong Environment-Waste Treatment Enterprise, animal feed companies, veterinary medicine companies, agricultural material agents to organize tentative points on agriculture, support deferred payment…, helping the local farmers get more conditions for production. Upon this, the local farmers have got more conditions to develop models under VietGAP standards, contributing to building the local trademarks of agricultural products. All will be very necessary for the local farmers, contributing to promoting the local agricultural products…

At the conference, provincial People’s Committee awarded the Labor Medal to a cadre of provincial Farmers ‘Association. There were also a member of the association awarded the certificate of merit of the PM; 4 collectives and 8 individuals with the certificates of merit of provincial People’s Committee and 161 individuals honored by provincial Farmers ‘Association for their excellent achievement for the 2015-2020 period.

Reported by Quynh Nhu-Translated by K.T

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